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Board Meeting Minutes

 ABATE of Indiana Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2023

Lawrence County Recreational Park, Springville, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 11:12am with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Jerry; Region 03-Scott Bowman; Region 04-currently without a director; Region 05-inactive; Region 06-Jim & Maggie Farmer; Region 07-Donju Taylor & Jeff Britton; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Suzanne Eckert; Region 11-Pat Haggard; Region 13-Christian & Heidi Harper, & Rick & Brenda Wiscaver; AdComm-Bob Stoner, Rick Thompson & Justin Kennedy; Guests-Ernie Crowder; Boogie Guests: Larry Banks.  Regions 01, 02, 08 & 12 were not represented.


ITEM 1:  Tina referred to the current Financials page of the directors’ packets & reviewed finances for July/August.  She then requested a motion to approve May/June financials.




Tina reminded the regions to send payment to the office for the yard signs they received earlier this year.


ITEM 2:  Jay updated the group on the status of the fire suppression system replacement at Freedom Hall.  He then discussed some possible storm damage to the roof and marquee sign.


ITEM 3:  Rayce stated Dirt Bike School (DBS) will continue through the end of October.  The new motorcycles DBS received through a grant are working great.  Tina asked Rayce to follow up on the grant funds to LCRP.  Rayce then spoke about the National Racing Association (NRA) event held at LCRP in August.  The NRA would like to rent LCRP again next year for their race.  The NRA group repaired some trails after their event, and the property was left clean.  Rayce disclosed details of a couple of incidents with injury at LCRP recently.  He then brought attention to the renovations at the Motorcycle Safety Memorial.  Lastly, Rayce asked the regions to police their area after Boogie to ensure fires are not smoldering, and fire pits and any hanging ropes are removed.  LCRP will host an event April 7-8, 2024 for the viewing of the total solar eclipse, and will need some volunteers.


Scott Bowman began discussion regarding riding and camping fees at LCRP.


Marc Falsetti announced that the LCRP office now has high speed internet.  Marc is working on upgrading the security system to be able to monitor the property remotely.  He’s also researching a method to get internet signal to the main stage.  Providing Wi-Fi to the RV campground is a possibility.  


Marc is also working on promotional materials for ABATE membership, Facebook ads, 2024 solar eclipse event, 2024 Boogie, and DBS, among others.  He continues to work with our vendor to comply with PCI internet security issues. We’ll be updating our Guidebook this year prior to the Fall Seminar.  Marc suggested we install an LCRP sign in place of the Boogie sign throughout the year.  Marc requested the regions ensure a minimum of one submission to HMC each month; Jay reminded the directors that, according to our by-laws, each director is required to submit an article each month.  Bob Stoner suggested incorporating this into our region award calculations.  Marc thanked Mo Kintner for his submissions.  Marc has re-engraved this year’s pavers to make the wording more visible.


ITEM 4:  Jay thanked Bob Stoner and Aaron Meyer for their presentation at Meeting of the Minds (MOTM).  Bob then explained the theme of their presentation, a summarization of our programs and an overview of our Guidebook and its use.  Aaron added that the presentation was well received.  Jim Farmer remarked that the MOTM was informational.  Scott Bowman commented that a lobbying seminar similar to the one at MOTM would complement our ABATE Day at the State House event.  Christian Harper feels it would be beneficial to distribute ABATE materials explaining our current legislative concerns to local schools and restaurants.


Roberta Meyer stated that we must all work together on our legislative agenda, and ensure all motorcyclists are aware of the threat to internal combustion engines. She stated that the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) can assist with developing a strategic plan.  The MRF is offering an automatic renewal option on MRF memberships.


Jay shared that he will attend an upcoming Confederation of Clubs (COC) meeting, as he does on a regular basis.  Jay encouraged all region directors to subscribe to MRF’s alerts.  He explained the MRF’s Federal PAC (political action committee).  Jay then reviewed current events in the United States House of Representatives.  The Federal Highway Administration is accepting nominations for the Motorcyclist Advisory Committee (MAC).  


ITEM 5:  Aaron Meyer distributed the introductory letter and stickers for our Biker Approved Gas (BAG) program.  He encouraged everyone to contact their local fuel retailers and educate them about BAG.  Aaron will need contact information for every establishment that participates so we can add them to our list of approved fuel retailers.  


ITEM 6:  Jay attended the State Motorcycle Safety Administrator (SMSA) conference recently.  He discussed the exercise added to the Rider Skill Test (RST) by the Indiana BMV this year.  We received a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new contract from the BMV this week.

ITEM 7:  As Marc stated earlier, we will produce the 20th edition of our Guidebook for this year’s Fall Seminar, November 18th.  Jay encouraged the directors to submit any suggestions immediately.  Discussion followed regarding a facility.




ITEM 8:  Aaron Meyer requested again, any ideas for Director’s Prep, which is January 5-7, 2024.


ITEM 9:  Jay reaffirmed the theme for Boogie 2024 to be red, white & blue patriotic.  We saw an increase in attendance at Boogie this year.  Larry Banks set up an ABATE table recently at an event in Bedford.  Some discussion followed regarding Boogie entertainment.  


ITEM 10:  Bob Stoner gave an update on AdComm, which will meet next week.  He reviewed current ABC applications.




Tina reminded the group that ABATE retains 10% of the gross income at ABC events to cover overhead and expenses.


ITEM 11:  Jay asked for committee reports.  There were none.  Jay informed the board that we pledged $10k to the MRF this year.


ITEM 12:  Jay reiterated that LCRP is still involved in the lawsuit stemming from the incident during an event hosted at LCRP in June 2022.


Tina asked for 2024 event sanction lists.


ITEM 13:  Cancellation of events was discussed, as was combining the Awards Banquet with the Fall Seminar in 2024.



Meeting adjourned 1:31pm.



Respectfully submitted,




Tina McCormack



The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Friday November 17, 2023 at Rodeway Inn, Indianapolis.


Motion 1:  Suzanne Eckert motioned to approve the May/June financials, seconded by Jerry Gordon.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Donju Taylor made the motion to conduct the Fall Seminar at Rodeway Inn, with a second by Mo Kintner.  All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 3:  Pat Haggard motioned to approve AdComm’s recommendation for the ABC grant to Kokomo Urban Outreach, Jim Farmer seconded.  All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 4:  Pat Haggard motioned to engage the Recognition Committee to restructure our physical award guidelines, and Suzanne Eckert seconded.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 5:  Jerry Gordon motioned to adjourn, Jim Farmer seconded.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.

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