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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2018

Waterfront Hotel, Indianapolis, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 7:38pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-excused; Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt; Region 03-Scott Bowman & Justin Kennedy; Region 04-Jan Johns & Lori Bussell; Region 05-Tony Brummett, & Randy & Janet Penix; Region 06-Mark Thomas; Region 07- Ken Harris, Ernie & Janet Davidson & Harold & Dolly Davidson; Region 08-Mike Jeffers; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Thom ‘Hippy’ Henderson; Region 11-Zach Bird; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Aaron Meyer; AdComm- Gino Johnson, Bob Stoner & Rick Thompson; DIRT-Roy Garrett; LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; LINC-Mike Meyer; Event Security-Mike Clendenen & Danny Bertolet; Committees-Mike Seiler; Tiny Tots-Rodney Walker; Editor/Publisher Marc Falsetti; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack; Guests-Wendy Johnson & Maelene Grenat.


ITEM 1:  Jay introduced State Rep David Frizzell, & Kathie & Peter Turke, who are representing the National Guard Association of Indiana (NGAI).  Rep Frizzell discussed current legislative resolutions & the Indiana General Assembly’s schedule.  He then explained some bills that have passed out of the Indiana House of Representatives this session. 


Rep Frizzell then proposed that Kathie explain the NGAI’s Community Partner Program to the group.  Kathie distributed informational packets to the directors & AdComm.  The program is a 501 (c) (3) charity.


ITEM 2:  Tina explained the directors’ packet & referenced the approval process for BOD financials & minutes.  She then reviewed the November/December financials.  She requested regions 7, 9, 10 & 13 forward 2017 ABC event reports &/or funds due.  Tina advised that Coliseum Bingo will contribute to ABATE’s general fund soon.  She enlightened the group of a fundraiser that ABATE has registered for, the Brackets for Good.  Kelly Jackson has agreed to oversee the campaign for the organization.  Jay added that in addition to potential contributions, we can also benefit from the exposure.



Jay reminded the board that the floor in the Bargersville annex needs replaced now that the roof is completed.  He thanked Marc for managing that project.


ITEM 3:  Bob Stoner distributed the list of donations from the ABC fund that the AdComm recommends, & explained their reasoning.  He also displayed the certificate that will accompany the donation check.  Discussion followed.



ITEM 4:  Jay reported that Coliseum Bingo is performing as expected.


ITEM 5:  Roy began his DIRT report with the status of the legislative activity to open Hoosier National Forest (HNF) to off-road vehicles (ORV).  He relayed that ABATE of Indiana is leading the effort.  Jay updated us on the status of the bill.  Roy remarked that the bill has moved more quickly than he anticipated. 


Jay displayed a non-resident ORV permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  Roy gave further credit to ABATE for advancing the need for a resolution for non-registered, non-resident ORV owners visiting Indiana trails.


ITEM 6:  Mike Meyer discussed the status of SB19 (youth ORV helmet amendment bill) & HB1341 (autonomous vehicles).  ABATE Day at the State House was again a success & we were noticed & well respected.  Jay thanked Mike, & discussed HB1342 (youth ORV helmet bill).  He then explained references to motorcycle endorsements & graduated licenses in HB1311, this session’s BMV omnibus cleanup bill.


ITEM 7:  Mike Meyer distributed the 2017 Tour Program results, & will announce the winners tomorrow.


ITEM 8:  Rayce Guthrie updated the group on LCRP.  The conex container has been placed at the front gate shelter for the renovation work to begin.  The container will serve as the entry gate for events, including Boogie.  LCRP will purchase a used disc for the tractors. 


ITEM 9:  Marc demonstrated the interactive ATV safety coloring page application, game & tutorial that was created through Play for Kate, a youth ATV safety coalition.  We will be hosting the launch that will take place at the Motorcycle Expo next weekend in partnership with Play for Kate & the Indiana DNR.  Jay shared the story of Play for Kate’s origin.


ITEM 10:  Jay summarized the updates that Ride Safe Indiana (RSI) hosted for motorcycle safety instructors recently.  He stated that we are awaiting a contract from RSI for the 2018 rider ed season.  Jay updated the group on our expected tuition fee, forecasted student numbers, & Instructor Prep (IP) schedule for this year.  We have been unable to acquire further information regarding the fraudulent waiver investigation. Discussion followed regarding the expense of acquisition & development of a rider ed range.


ITEM 11:  Jay then spoke of the ongoing search for value added attractions for Boogie.   The group discussed the fee increases for 2018, & compared similar event prices.  Jay reviewed current contracts with two of our Boogie vendors. He reminded everyone that Monday, April 2 will be “RV Day”, when we begin taking Boogie RV site reservations.  Jay presented an offer we have to book a band this year for Boogie 2019, but at a premium cost to us.  There was little interest to pursue this year.  Aaron Meyer compelled the group to bring back volunteerism to Boogie.


ITEM 12:  Bob Stoner stated that AdComm’s report was completed at the beginning of this meeting.


ITEM 13:  Jay reminded the group that the Motorcycle Expo is next weekend, February 16-18 at the State Fairgrounds.  The Bikers’ Showcase has openings for bike show entrants.  Bob Stoner will represent ABATE on the Pioneers of Hoosier Motorcycling panel on Saturday, as Jay will be moderating. 


Wayne initiated a conversation on Tiny Tots.  Discussion followed regarding protecting our investment & the importance of following the procedures we have in place.


ITEM 14:  Jay informed the group of a promotional partnership opportunity with a motorcycle dealer that we considered; we have offered them an exclusive sponsorship of our Tour program. 


Jay then brought up our efforts to assemble a safety & awareness program to present at schools. 


Thunder Roads Indiana is no longer being published.


Rayce Guthrie, Executive Chairman of the Motorcycle Dealers Association of Indiana (MDAI), reviewed with the group topics of their recent meeting.  Roy Garrett talked about Discover Indiana Riding Trails (DIRT) & HNF; Jay discussed legislative activity & motorcycle safety.  There is a flat track race scheduled in Terre Haute on June 9th this year.  The dealers attending the meeting were complimentary of our Hoosier Motorcyclist magazine.  ABATE is considering offering a short term promotional membership to customers that purchase a motorcycle from an MDAI dealer.  Discussion followed.  Jay & Marc will put something together, review their suggestions with Rayce, then bring the proposed package to the board.


Jay described a promotion that ABATE of PA ran at their recent Leadership & Legislative Seminar that he attended.  He & Cyndii would like to resurrect a “Freedom Fighter” promotion with a specific item.


Meeting adjourned to Executive Session at 10:52pm.



Executive Session adjourned & BOD meeting reconvened at 11:10pm.





Meeting adjourned at 11:20pm.



Respectfully submitted,




Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be April 8th at the Bargersville Conference Center.







Motion 1:  Jan Johns motioned to approve September/October financials, Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt seconded.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Ken Harris made a motion to accept the AdComm’s recommendations for ABC disbursements, Mike Jeffers seconded. Region 2 voted against, all other regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 3:  Ken Harris motioned to adjourn the regular meeting & open the Executive Session, Aaron Meyer made the second.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 4:  Ken Harris motioned to adjourn the Executive Session, & reconvene the BOD meeting, Scott Bowman seconded.  All present in favor; motion carried.


Motion 5:  Dave Hawkins made the motion to settle the $1,600,000 due to/from per Gino Johnson’s suggestion, Ken Harris seconded.  All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 6:  Ken Harris motioned to adjourn, Dave Hawkins seconded.  All present in favor, motion carried.



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