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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2016

Clarion Waterfront, Indianapolis, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson started the meeting at 7:32pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Teresa Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec, Lisa Gordon, Sam Bardo, Brett Tracy & Holly Bridgman; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ & Jude Hewitt, Brian ‘Beatle’ Bendel, Kelvin Perry, Justin Dejong & Tom Jarrette; Region 03-Scott Bowman & Bill McKinley; Region 04-Jan Johns; Region 05-Tony Brummett; Region 06-Joey & Sheryl Macke; Region 07-Kenny Harris, Harold & Dolly Davison, & Ernie & Janet Davidson; Region 08-Mike Jeffers; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel,  Thom ‘Hippy’ Henderson & Shirley Wagner; Region 11- Ken ‘KFC’ Casey; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Paul ‘PD3’ Douglas III & Aaron Meyer; AdComm-Rod Taylor, Bob Stoner & Rick Thompson; DIRT-Roy Garrett; LINC-Mike Meyer; MRF State Rep-Roberta Meyer; Event Security-Mike ‘Mongo’ Pottorff & Mike Clendenen; Marketing Committee-Mike Seiler; Tiny Tots-Rodney Walker; Editor/Publisher Marc Falsetti; Operations Director LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; Administrative Assistant Dana Surd; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack.  


ITEM 1:  Bob Stoner introduced Mike Furnish & Mitch Bonar with Special Olympics Indiana.  They presented for the ABATE Bikers Care State Charity 2016 recipient.  Questions & answers followed.  


Bob then introduced Lauren Harmison with Camp Possability.  Lauren & Andrew presented.  Questions & answers followed.


Through a vote, it was decided that Special Olympics Indiana will be our ABC State Charity recipient for 2016.


ITEM 2:  With no questions regarding September/October financials, Tina requested a motion to approve.



She then reviewed financials for November/December, explained the contents of the directors’ packets, & provided the written procedure for approval of minutes & financials.  Mileage expense reimbursement as of 1/1/16 is .54.  Each director received a revised waiver sign to be posted at every ABATE event.  Tina has trailer registrations for the regions.  She reminded the directors that all charitable contributions from the regions & counties must be processed through the state office.  Dana explained that each region’s awards list is in the envelope she put together for them that also includes their gift vouchers & officer lists.  Tina announced that ABATE Products will be open tomorrow from 9am-5pm, our new products this year are a pad folio & beach towel, & that we will begin selling dinner tickets in Products at 1pm.


Jay reiterated the importance of meeting deadlines.  


ITEM 3:  Jay has visited Freedom Hall a couple of times in the past few weeks.  Our ATM at Coliseum Bingo is in need of replacement.  We expect Freedom Hall will host our Fort Wayne rider ed site.  We may have some minimal repairs to the lot for that purpose.  


While gaming numbers are down statewide, our first quarter average is only slightly down from this period last year.  Jay informed the group that daily fantasy sports has become popular, & is being discussed in the legislature.  They have now decided that it’s a game of skill rather than a game of chance, which would have made it gaming.


ITEM 4:  Jay then introduced Rayce Guthrie to update the board regarding LCRP.


Rayce thanked the board for their confidence in him.  He reported that he worked with Roger on procedural issues this past weekend.  Rayce has begun digging drainage ditches where there’s standing water in fields & roadways.  He distributed detailed plans for cleaning & repairs, for signage, & for developing a trails ambassadors volunteer group.  He updated everyone on the water leak at the stage.  He discussed ideas for LCRP sponsorship revenue.  Wayne asked about a budget for LCRP; Jay answered that we hope to have a budget by the April BOD meeting.  Teresa asked about updates from Rayce; Rayce & Jay decided on a report to be emailed approximately weekly.


Rayce will work the Indianapolis Motorcycle Expo next weekend.


ITEM 5:  Roy Garrett will also work the Expo next weekend.  He has more DBS classes scheduled for this year than last.


Jay added that the GNCC Limestone 100 is May 13-15 this year, Westfield Powersports is planning an event for September 9-11, & Central Indiana Grotto will be returning to LCRP in August for their event.  Marc stated that dates for events at LCRP are posted on the LCRP Facebook page.  Jan asked about DBS.  Roy gave an overview of the requirements.


Jay & Rayce presented the new LCRP postcards; Marc requested the directors email him if they need more.  Discussion followed regarding the promotion of LCRP & DBS.


ITEM 6:  Mike Meyer reviewed the current status of SB157, HB1246 & HB1087.  Discussion followed regarding trail use stickers, as stated in HB1246, for OHV riding.  March 14 is the tentative adjournment day for the Indiana General Assembly, but there is talk of adjourning earlier.  April 5 is the deadline to register to vote in this year’s primary election.


Jay reminded the group that our primary purpose is to be legislatively active.  Voting is very important.  In November we will be electing a President & a Governor, & every member of Congress & the House of Representatives is up for election.  Discussion followed.


ITEM 7:  Mike Meyer reviewed our 2015 Tour Program.


ITEM 8:  Jay discussed plans with our Motorcycle Safety Division.  Their banquet is tomorrow afternoon & we’ll have a meeting with site coordinators on Sunday.  Registrations begin next week & we expect our numbers to increase this season.  Personnel is our main concern this year.  IMCSP did not conduct any Rider Coach Preparation Workshops (RCPW) for ABATE of Indiana candidates last year & we have a shortage of instructors.  We are supposed to be provided 2 RCPWs this year, 1 starting in April & the 2nd in May, at our Indianapolis airport site.  Discussion ensued regarding RCPWs, commitment expectations & instructor compensation.  License examination will be a topic of discussion in Sunday’s meeting.


ITEM 9:  Bob Stoner reviewed today’s AdComm meeting topics.  He distributed the Election Template & requested dated procedures from each region if their current procedures are not dated.  The AdComm would like the ABC State Charity Committee to review the policy.  Kenny Casey agreed to bring suggestions to the April BOD meeting; Bob offered his assistance.  The next topic discussed was the Tim Fromme Scholarship.  A committee was formed with Darla Abel as chair, & Jan Johns, Teresa Bodle & Jay Jackson serving.



Bob concluded that the AdComm will partner with the Marketing Committee to attempt to increase membership.


ITEM 10:  Mike Seiler distributed current membership number analysis & stated that the Marketing Committee should be more active this year.


ITEM 11:  Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt circulated quotes for a shelter to be built & used as the admissions gate for Boogie.  Discussion followed.



Discussion followed regarding additional requests for shelters.


Jay again requested everyone respect deadlines.


ITEM 12:   Jay provided that the Hoosier Motorcyclists’ Roundtable will take place Saturday morning of Expo, & The Pioneers of Hoosier Motorcycling will happen all weekend.  Rodney asked for help for Tiny Tots during the Expo.  HOEX has been cancelled for this year so no help is needed for that event.


Jay announced the tentative date for Motorcycles on Meridian is 8/27 this year, just the 1 day.  


The MRF’s lobbyist, Jeff Hennie, is on sabbatical for about a year.  The MRF is interviewing for an Executive Director/Lobbyist to fill the position.


Jay, Mongo & Mike Clendenen attended a Confederation of Clubs (COC) meeting last Sunday.


Jay asked the regions to address issues within their region.


On behalf of the MRF, Jay recently attended a seminar hosted by ABATE of Pennsylvania.


Tina reminded the group that memorial brick orders are due March 1.  Boogie RV registrations will begin online only on April 1.  She & Marc realized that some by-laws & policies need to be updated since our new database/website allows for online memberships.  Jay added that a change in the by-laws requires 3 readings to the BOD.  The office will email the BOD the areas that will be affected.


Kenny Casey nominated Carol Poe for a lifetime membership.



ITEM 13:  Motion to adjourn, 11:20pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting is April 10, 2016 at the Bargersville annex.






Motion 1:   Dave Hawkins motioned to approve Sept/Oct financials, Don Hewitt seconded.  All regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Mo Kintner made the motion to postpone the Tim Fromme Scholarship until February, 2017, Don Hewitt seconded.  Region 10 voted against, all other regions voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 3:  Kenny Casey motioned to proceed with the Daviess County Metal Sales quote that includes the concrete floor, Jan Johns seconded.  Regions 01, 03, 07, 09, & 12 voted no, all other regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 4:  Kenny Casey made a motion to nominate Carol Poe for a lifetime membership, Jan Johns seconded.  All regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 5:  Ken Harris motioned to adjourn the meeting, Jan Johns seconded.  All regions voted in favor; motion carried.


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