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The ABATE Legal Services Program provides 24-hour, nationwide accident investigation and representation. Our attorneys ride and believe in motorcyclists' rights and lifestyle.


The ABATE Legal Services team is ready to serve you. With a century of combined courtroom experience, the Team can help you protect your rights in our complex civil court system. The ABATE Legal Services Team is only a phone call away, ready to help you.


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The roadways throughout our great country have never been friendly to motorcyclists.


Whether it's those life-size potholes that appear from nowhere, the train tracks that have become so uneven they are more hazardous than traveling a gravel road, to construction areas that do not take motorcycles into consideration or the roadsigns that mysteriously disappear overnight. We are constantly on-guard against the challenges of manmade, as well as nature's elements.


RoadHazard.org is an extension of a highly successful program created by ABATE Legal Services. This program was created to save motorcyclists lives by reporting hazardous road conditions to the agencies responsible for their upkeep.


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