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What’s this all about? Remember when I talked about "Titling and Registration" (see below) and said we would break it down in plain language. I can do it as a two step process, when you buy your ORV (an Off Road Vehicle is any un-plated vehicle, i.e.: Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, Jeep etc.):


Go to the BMV and process your title paperwork. (It’s the law) Complete the registration form you got either from your dealer or from the DNR’s web site Send it in along with $30. (It’s the law) That makes your ORV completely legal.


The $30 is much like the $7 from our motorcycle registrations that funds motorcycle safety and training in Indiana only it goes to acquire, maintain public ORV riding areas.


“Now wait a minute I only ride on my property” you say. This is the part that most people don’t understand. It doesn’t matter if it is little Sally’s 50cc Honda that never leaves the yard, your Yamaha YZ250 dirt bike or Cousin Fred’s wild-a** Jeep, it needs the little DNR registration sticker (It’s the Law).


Do you think that there are only 33,000 ORV and 9000 Snowmobiles in Indiana? That is how many are registered in our state. I would be willing to bet that there is 3 times that many. Everyday the guys from DIRT are looking for riding areas in the Northern half of the state. If we could get two thirds of the ORV’s registered it would enable the State to possibly expand the riding opportunities for us and also increase the desperately needed safety training for our young and old riders alike. (Kinda sounds like the street guys when they needed that $7).


We need to start a grass roots effort to educate everyone about ORV registration and when I say everyone I mean the riders, dealers and our legislators. Just like the $7 from the plate registrations we need to protect both funds. Other states are losing their funds to help balance their state budgets. Let’s keep an eye on our money and make sure it is used for it intended purposes.


Ride Free, Ride Safe, Ride Straight






How many times have you been caught in the trap where you were sure you knew the answer then you find out what you thought you knew was WRONG! This was the trap several of us were caught in earlier this year concerning some off road issues. Not only were we wrong but we were really wrong, and at the time we KNEW that we had the correct answer.


This whole issue involved registering OHV (dirt bikes, ATV’s, UTV’s, anything that goes off road). After an initial meeting with representatives from may different divisions of the DNR we came to the conclusion the there was a serious lack of understanding among all of the attendees. This is something that is going to take a while for this group (including ABATE/DIRT) to go thru all the things that can affect a law and present a plain language explanation.


Right now I just want to make sure that when someone asks is your UTV registered that we understand what they really want to know. I would have said sure, did the title work when I bought it at the dealer (Titling and Registration is required for all units sold since Jan 1, 2004). WRONG... What they asked was do you have your DNR registration, that little sticker that is good for 3 years. See the confusion, us old guys just get caught up in the language (even some young people are confused).


In future issues we will explain “in plain language” what we need to do to comply with Indiana Statue. Until then make sure that your OHV has been titled properly. Then consider completing the registration forms available at your local dealer or online at https://forms.in.gov/Download.aspx?id=7865.


All the questions about what need to be registered, why, and how will be covered in the next installment.


Ride Free, Ride Safe, Ride Straight


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