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Event FAQs

When is the Boogie?
The Boogie (ABATE of Indiana's annual state party) is always the third full weekend in July (if July 1st is on a Friday or earlier, that is considered the first full weekend).


Do I have to be a member to attend the Boogie?
Yes, everyone who enters the Boogie must be a member of ABATE of Indiana, ABATE of another state, or similar state motorcyclists' rights organization and show a current membership card to attend. A list of organizations can be found here. This also includes guests of members as well.


I plan on going to the Boogie but I lost my card (or haven't received my new card yet), can I still get in?
Yes, as long as your membership is still current, there will be a membership list at the gate that will show if your membership is still active. You will need to show an ID to verify your identity.


How can I get our event listed on the ABATE calendar?
The ABATE calendar of events is only for ABATE sanctioned events. Event sanctioning is done at the October board meeting each year.

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