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ABATE Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not receiving my monthly magazine!

Have you moved? If so, putting a forwarding at the post office does not help because the magazine goes bulk rate and they will not forward bulk mail. Please give the State Office a call at 800-23-ABATE, e-mail us, or drop us a line at ABATE of Indiana, PO Box 665, Bargersville, IN 46106.

How long until I receive my membership card?

Memberships are entered daily, and mailed every couple weeks. EXCEPT, before/after the Boogie; then, because of the large quantity received at that time (July every year), some individuals will notice a longer processing time.

How do I renew my membership on the website?

In order to renew your existing membership on the website you must use your membership ID number (found next to your name on the back of a recent issue of "Hoosier Motorcyclist" magazine or next to your name on your membership card). If you have not done this before, use your ID as your password too and you will be asked to create a password at that time. Otherwise, use the password you created previously. 

Can I renew my single membership as a couple (or couple as a single) online?

No. If you would like to change your membership to a couple (or couple to a single), you must do it by mail.

I don't know my password, what should I do?

If you have never signed in before, use your ID as your password too and you will be asked to create a password at that time. If you do not know your password, a new one can be sent to the email address that is on your membership file by clicking on the "Forgot My Password" link on the Log In page. If you do not have email, please call our office at 800-232-2283 (Mon.-Tue.-Thur. 9am-5pm, Fri. 9AM-6PM) If you do not receive the new password, we may have an old email address on file. Please call us to verify. The password is case sensitive, so please enter it exactly as shown.

What Region am I in?

Our state is divided into 14 regions, each consisting of certain counties. Simply check the map in front of the magazine, click on this link and select the county you live in, or call the State Office at 800-23-ABATE.

How can I be a vendor at your events?

Check the calendar of events, or call the State Office at 800-23-ABATE. Then, contact the Region Director, or officer in charge of the event.

How can I be a vendor at the Boogie?

Boogie vendors should contact Larry Banks at 812-369-7570, shovellarry@hotmail.com.

How do I get into a motorcycle training course?

Check our website for rider training classes.


Do I have to take a class to get my motorcycle endorsement?

No, you are not currently required to take a class to get your endorsement . You can get your endorsement by taking a written test at a local BMV branch to get your permit and then take a riding skills test on your own motorcycle. (There is no longer a waiting period between getting your permit and taking the riding testing.) License testing information can be found here.

If there are any questions that are not answered, but should be listed on this page, please contact us.

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