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Board Meeting Minutes


JUNE 8, 2024



Jay Jackson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 1:18pm. Those in attendance were: Region 00 – Jerry & Sherri Gordon (arrived later); Region 01 – Russell Zawacki & Amanda Case; Region 02 – Glenn “Junior” Susnis (arrived later); Region 03 – Scott Bowman & Angie Pier; Region 04 – Jay Green (arrived later) & Lori Bussell; Region 05 – currently without a director; Region 06 – Jim Farmer; Region 07 – Ken Harris; Region 09 – Mo Kintner & Carlis McKinney; Region 10 – Suzanne Eckert (attended Boogie portion of meeting via phone); Region 11 – Pat Haggard; Region 12 – Brian Russell; Region 13 – Christian & Heidi Harper, & Brenda Wiscaver; AdComm – Bob Stoner, Rick Thompson, & Justin Kennedy; LCRP- Rayce Guthrie; DIRT – Roy Garrett; LINC – Aaron Meyer; MRF State Rep Roberta Meyer; Handicap Services-Dakota Whelchel; Road Kill Road Crew – Ben Koughn; Boogie Security – Mike “Mongo” Pottorff & Mike Clendenen; State Administrator – Kelly Jackson; State Secretary/Treasurer – Tina McCormack. Region 08 was not represented.


ITEM 1: Tina McCormack reviewed the March/April financial packets. She explained the different liability insurance policies ABATE & ABATE Foundation carry, as well as their respective terms & payment schedules. Tina specified that COIs supplied by event hosts should name both ABATE of Indiana & ABATE Foundation as certificate holders. Pat Haggard asked if their committee chair can request the COI; Tina answered that yes, any officer can request the COIs, & the region director should be copied. In discussing membership count, Jay Jackson noted that if each region recruits 75 members, we would achieve our goal of 10,000 members. The group then thanked Amanda Case for bringing 17 memberships to the meeting.



ITEM 2: Jay Jackson updated the board on the replacement of the fire suppression system compressor at Freedom Hall. He stated that Elizabeth ‘Izzy’ Hanes continues to try to increase bingo player attendance.


ITEM 3: Roy Garrett recapped recent Dirt Bike School (DBS) classes. Rayce Guthrie discussed the recent Indiana Trails Advisory Board (ITAB) meeting. Rayce announced that LCRP expects to receive three new DBS training bikes next week. Scott Bowman asked about DBS Coach training. Rayce answered that he will work on a grant to offset the cost. Discussion followed about ATV/UTV classes, of which there isn’t much demand.


ITEM 4: Rayce Guthrie reported that the pump for the shower house has been rebuilt. Discussion ensued regarding possible resolutions for low water pressure to the shower house.


ITEM 5: Aaron Meyer stressed the importance of increasing our membership numbers in order to be effective with our legislative agenda. He spoke about current threats to motorcycling in other states. He then discussed results of Indiana’s primary elections. Aaron encouraged the need for our members to inform our new state & federal legislators on our positions. Aaron distributed a call to action to the group. Jay Jackson stated he will be leading a Congressional Caucus motorcycle ride in Washington DC on Wednesday. Jay then recapped results of Bikers Inside the Beltway (BitB) in May. He was able to visit all 11 of Indiana’s delegation offices. Jay continues to be involved with the Communities of Practice (CoP) project for the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety (NAMS), as well as the CoPs for rider education content and administrative standards. H is also reviewing standards of training with the State Motorcycle Safety Association (SMSA). Jay then presented pictures of fuel pumps, and the confusing/misleading stickers that indicate ethanol content. Jay asked the group to forward pictures of similar findings, so we can notify legislators. He informed everyone that Virginia is the latest state to reconsider, or depart from, the California Clean Air act, or CARB.


ITEM 6: We generated positive awareness for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month (MSAM), both on television & social media. Jay Jackson added we continue to see an increased number of motorcycle fatalities. Jay then announced that our rider education contract through the Indiana BMV has been executed. Aaron Meyer asked if our total reimbursement will be capped, or limited. Jay explained that we receive amendments to increase the contract total when we reach our original limit. Discussion followed. Tina McCormack added that all state rider ed contracts are public documents which can be viewed on the IN.gov website.


ITEM 7: Jay Jackson then recognized Jay Green as our Region 4 Director.


ITEM 8: Bob Stoner reviewed topics discussed at today’s AdComm meeting. Glenn ‘Junior’ Susnis will discuss possible solutions for the concrete apron at the Bargersville office with Jay Jackson after this meeting. In reviewing anticipated expenses, Bob announced that LCRP will need to purchase gravel for the roads prior to the Boogie. Regions 10 & 2 continue to research ABC applications in their respective areas; AdComm recommends awarding the application from the Greenwood VFW Post 5864.



ITEM 9: Jay Jackson pronounced the recent passing of Marc’s brother; he then explained Suzanne Eckert’s absence.


ITEM 10: Discussion regarding our 2024 Awards Banquet began. Consensus is that we will move our Fall Seminar to February, 2025 and combine the two events. Jim Farmer added that moving Fall Seminar after Director Prep would be beneficial. Jay requested leads for a suitable hotel facility.


ITEM 11: There was no old business.


ITEM 12: Jay Jackson recognized John Richards’ passing, & the donation of merchandise & apparel display racks from his widow, Jane. He then reviewed the final Miracle Ride, & explained that the foundation still exists to raise funds for Riley Hospital for Children. Aaron Meyer recognized Gino Johnson’s upcoming retirement. Jay added that Peachin, Schwartz & Weingardt, or PSW, continues to be our CPA. Brian Russell extended an offer from a member for a water tank for LCRP. Pat Haggard informed the group of a motorcycle ride, non-sanctioned, to show support for a Region 11 officer in hospice. Jay Jackson recognized Roberta Meyer for her efforts as MRF State Rep for Indiana.


ITEM 13: Jay Jackson referred to Kelly Jackson for our golf car order for Boogie; Kelly has one revision to send to the vendor & it will be finalized. Jay then announced that we have a new ice vendor. Tina McCormack reminded the group to forward paperwork & the leftover ice count to the office. Jay tendered a request for defibrillators from Mike ‘Hadji’ Barnes. The group agreed to purchase three refurbished units. Jay recounted that LCRP will need about 10 loads of stone for roads prior to Boogie. He then announced that there will be training this year for anyone driving a vehicle for Boogie. Pool water and prices are under consideration. Russell Zawacki added that Region 1 events are seeing the same discussions about pool water. Jay announced that resurrecting Boogie Vision will cost $5,000; consensus is to forgo unless we find a more affordable quote. Jay then reviewed each region’s responsibilities & preparedness. Considerable discussion regarding front gate, box office, & parking area procedures were discussed.


Meeting adjourned, 4:18pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Tina McCormack




The next scheduled BOD meeting is Sunday, August 11, 2024 at Freedom Hall.


Motion 1: Pat Haggard motioned to approve the January/February financials, with a second from Ken Harris. All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2: Jim Farmer made the motion to approve AdComm’s recommendation to approve the ABC application from Greenwood VFW, and Scott Bowman seconded. All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 3: Ken Harris motioned to adjourn the meeting, Brian Russell seconded. All regions voted yes; motion carried.

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