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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 19, 2018

Freedom Hall, Fort Wayne, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 12:10pm with a welcome to Freedom Hall, & then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Mike Curtis; Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt; Region 03-Scott Bowman & Brett Anderson; Region 04-Dave ‘Dog’ Troeger & Laurie Harrison; Region 06-Mark & Carol Thomas; Region 07- Ken Harris; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-absent; Region 11-Zach & Jodi Bird; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; AdComm- Gino Johnson, Bob Stoner, Rod Taylor & Rick Thompson; DIRT-Roy Garrett; LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; Vendor Coordinator-Harold & Dolly Davidson; Marketing Committee-Mike Seiler; Guest-Rick Harris; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack; Office Assistant Kelly Jackson.  Regions 05, 08, & 13 notified previously of their absence.


ITEM 1:  Jay informed everyone that Mike ‘Smokebomb’ Marine passed; he updated the group of Mike Meyer’s medical condition.  He then informed the group that Dana Surd has taken employment elsewhere, & introduced Kelly Jackson.


Jay encouraged board support regarding decisions made by the board.  He also reviewed our director mileage reimbursement policy.  Mo Kintner offered an example of a board decision that he did not agree with, but still supported publicly, as it became the position of the BOD.


ITEM 2:  Tina asked for a motion to approve March/April financials.



Tina then reviewed the May/June financial packet.  She requested monthly reports & year end documents be submitted timely.  She reviewed the procedure for amending minutes, & reminded the directors that alcohol must not be purchased with ABATE funds.  


Jay read an article regarding the current financial condition of the March of Dimes, a long time philanthropic corporation that is facing hardships, many of which we experience in our organization.  We need to deliver the message that motorcyclists should support their state’s motorcyclists’ rights organization (SMRO), & ensure all members feel welcome at our meetings & events.


ITEM 3:  Jay introduced Elizabeth ‘Izzy’ Hanes, our Freedom Hall Building Manager & Fort Wayne Site Administrator & Coordinator for rider ed.


ITEM 4:  Roy reviewed recent DBS classes at LCRP.  He stated that Rayce attended the NOHVCC conference, where 26 states were represented.  We do have a DBS class schedule posted on our website for the Wabash site.  Jay added that we are in the process of renewing our RERP agreement with the MSF.


Rayce gave an update on the meetings & shared information obtained at the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) conference.  NOHVCC is restructuring.  Rayce learned through the conference of an advertising grant available for not-for-profit corporations.  Rayce will submit a membership application to the United States Motorcycle Coach Association (USMCA).  He discussed some available programs that could be utilized at LCRP. 


Jay discussed the possibility of a DBS Camp at LCRP.  Rayce acknowledged & thanked Roy, Rick, Larry & Herb for their help with recent improvements at LCRP.  The new UTV ABATE of Indiana purchased will be used during the Fallen Officers’ Summitfest at LCRP on 9/1.  A police officer donated a backboard for the Mule.


ITEM 5:  Rayce stated that the Motorcycle Dealers Association of Indiana is currently in disagreement with American Honda Motor Company regarding administrative directives.  


ITEM 6:  Jay reminded the group that Ride Safe Indiana (RSI) revoked the contract of one of its providers, Next Step Motorcycling Academy (NSMA). Several of their students have contacted ABATE for help in obtaining their completion documents, &/or in registering for a class for which they’ve already paid NSMA; the BMV has requested our help in finding a class for a couple of the students.  We also receive calls for BMV information from various people.  A national website has listed ABATE’s phone # on their webpage of information for state DMVs.


Kelly will assume more responsibilities with regard to our rider ed program.  She served as Site Administrator for our Lafayette site for several years, & is the Administrator for our Indy site this year.   She will attend the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA) conference in September, in CA.  Jay is on the Executive Committee with SMSA & will attend as well.


Our Lead Instructor Training Experts (LITES) & our Rider Ed Committee will meet to make revisions to our current curriculum, the Basic Rider Skills (BRS).  Other RSI providers have expressed interest in using the BRS curriculum.  


Kentucky’s rider ed program is experiencing a number of challenges this year.  Kentucky’s agency contacted us to evaluate our interest in conducting training in KY.  We continue to experience a shortage of personnel.  


We attended the Indiana Driver Education Association’s annual conference a couple of months ago.  We also continue to work with a number of law enforcement agencies on awareness programs.  


Mo Kintner expressed frustration in retaining rider ed students as members of ABATE.  Don Hewitt inquired about the mobile training unit we intended to purchase.  Jay answered that the Ad Comm will function as a Budget Committee & will include that purchase in our budget.  We were able to postpone the capital expenditure for 2018.  


ITEM 7:  The MRF Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) is upcoming.  Jay asked for interest in attending; Scott Bowman, Mo Kintner, Wayne Kopec & Mike Seiler expressed interest.  Jay reminded them of our reimbursement policy.  He then discussed our annual contribution to MRF.  ABATE of Indiana will supply the award to the MRF Hall of Fame inductee.  Wayne Kopec inquired about ABATE of Indiana hosting the MOTM in 2020.  Jay has not received confirmation from MRF, but suspects we will host the event.   The MRF is actively involved in the National Motorcycle Safety Alliance (NMSA). 


ITEM 8:  ABATE will revisit the resolution for the allowance of motorized recreation in the Hoosier National Forest.  Bicycle Indiana recently contacted Jay; they are concerned about e-bikes, or electronic bicycles & motorcycles.  Representative Mike Karickhoff contacted Jay about grass on roadways.  Rep Karickhoff & Jay have researched crashes to try to determine if grass on roadways has been the cause of any crash in Indiana; they have no reports of crashes due to grass on the road.  Mo Kintner has an article regarding a crash in OH due to grass on the road; Jay requested Mo forward the article to him.  Mo then asked about our annual Governor’s Ride event.  Jay has not received confirmation from the Governor’s office of a date for the event this year.


ITEM 9:  Jay began discussion on Boogie gate procedures.  We will discuss further in our November BOD meeting, & in our January Director Prep.  Jay quickly touched on several topics from Boogie.  We have excess crew shirts.  The box office was a success.  We had a lessor number of vendors this year.  The Boogie Bike Raffle tickets sales were down.  The inspector from the State Fire Marshall’s office was impressed with our event.  We will increase checkpoints next year. 


The Boogie Utility Vehicle (BUV) committee was formed:  Mo Kintner, Mike Seiler, Rick Thompson, Jay Jackson, Mike Clendenen & Charlie Whelchel.


On Cyndii’s behalf, Jay requested better descriptions & timely requests for signage, as well as the intended method of display.  We advertised & promoted Boogie this year.  Discussion followed on local awareness of the event.  Reception of the carnival games was positive.  Jay reminded the directors of the daily communication board during Boogie.  Discussion followed regarding a daily agenda for attendees.


ITEM 10:  Motorcycles on Meridian (MOM) is next Saturday, 8/25.  Vendor sites are available in the Vendor Village for $500.  We will have T-shirts to give away to anyone paying for a membership to ABATE.  Downtown Indy Inc (IDI) offered a sponsorship to ABATE.



We will meet at the 125 lot on S Meridian; streets will be closed to motorcycle only beginning at 3pm until midnight.  Volunteers should be at the lot by noon.


ITEM 11:  Bob Stoner reviewed topics discussed in this morning’s AdComm meeting:   rider ed numbers, ABC submissions & the Budget Committee.  


ITEM 12:  Mike Seiler communicated the current active membership total.


ITEM 13:  Tina reminded regions to submit their ABC event budget reports & funds.  


ITEM 14:  Jay announced that Nicky Hayden is an inductee into the Kentucky Sports Hall of Fame.  We would like to begin a Share the Road awareness campaign, primarily targeting high school age kids.  We were successful in finding a vendor for membership year pins.  The October BOD meeting & Workers’ Party is the same weekend as the MSF IRETS Instructor Conference & AIME Motorcycle Expo; Rayce will attend the AIME MC Expo, Jay is contemplating attending the IRETS.  Discussion followed regarding a facility for our Fall Seminar.


Tina requested the regions’ Workers’ Party invitation lists no later than 9/10; any received after that date will need to be distributed by the region, but the list is required for entry into the event.  She requested sanctioned events lists by the October BOD.  And lastly, she asked for elections results as soon as elections are concluded.  Where Region Director &/or Region Treasurer changes, paperwork for signatories on the region bank account should be completed by the end of this year, to be submitted to the bank in January.  Don Hewitt asked when awards lists are due; she replied by the end of the year or as soon as complete.  Zach Bird requested Workers’ Party attendees be allowed to camp in the main stage field on Friday night.  It was agreed that attendees can camp Friday night in the main stage field only, but must RSVP, & must abide by park rules.


Dave Hawkins suggested we review replacing vehicles in our corporate fleet.  Jay responded that the Budget Committee intends to include that in the budget.



Meeting adjourned, 2:50pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be October 13 at Lawrence County Recreational Park in Springville. 





Motion 1:  Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt motioned, & Ken Harris seconded, to approve the March/April financials.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Dave Hawkins motioned to sponsor Motorcycles on Meridian for $2,500, Mo Kinter seconded.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 3:  Ken Harris made the motion to adjourn, Scott Bowman seconded.  All regions present in favor; motion carried.


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