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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2013

Clarion Waterfront, Indianapolis IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:13pm.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Teresa & Ray Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec, Holly Bridgman, Pam McCoy & Sam Bardo; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt; Region 03-Rodney Walker; Region 04-Kay Hurst, Pam Madary & Annette Plante; Region 05-Troy Striegel; Region 06-Fred Spencer; Region 07-Ken Harris (arrived after commencement); Region 08-Greg Turner (arrived after commencement); Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel; Region 11-Chuck Powell, Maelene Grenat & Duane Morgan; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Paul ‘PD3’ Douglas III & Roberta Meyer; AdComm-Gino Johnson & Dave ‘Frosty’ Frost; LINC-Mike Meyer; DIRT-Roy Garrett; Editor/Publisher Marc Falsetti; Operations Director Gary Williams; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack; Registrar Edie Seiler; Membership Committee-Mike Seiler; Event Security-Mike ‘Mongo’ Pottorff  & Mike Clendenen.


ITEM 1:  Jameson Camp guests Yvonne Matlock & Dan Shepley explained their organization’s mission.


ITEM 2:  With no questions regarding July/August financials, Tina requested a motion to approve.



Tina reviewed September/October financials.  Gino informed the group that 2012 tax returns are finalized & will be filed this next week.


ITEM 3:  Marc reviewed the progress of our new website & database.  He then demonstrated the login & search processes for the directors.  Questions & answers followed.  Jay & Marc encouraged everyone to have members join or renew online as opposed to paying at meetings & events.  The members should email the state office to convey recruiter information.  Any members with questions regarding their membership should contact the state office directly.  We have experienced some interruptions in membership processing due to glitches in the Purdue database & website.


ITEM 4:  Gary announced that Coliseum Bingo hosted their $10,000 night on 11/2.  While it was well attended, we’ve seen the same level of attendance during regular bingo nights this year.


ITEM 5:  The previously scheduled Indiana Trails Advisory Board (ITAB) event on 11/9 has been cancelled.  Instead, LCRP will host MAXC’s family oriented event tomorrow.  


We will begin winterizing the buildings in the near future, & we are now open following our winter schedule.

ITEM 6:  Roy discussed his position on the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) committee regarding the use of private land & hold harmless laws.  


ITEM 7:  Jay informed the board that all ABATE of Indiana MSD instructors will attend a mandatory update in 2014, which are tentatively scheduled to be conducted in January & February at 3-5 locations.  The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has unveiled a new curriculum, BRC2014; however, Indiana probably will not adopt that curricula for some time.  Also of interest is that we added two potential rider ed sites for 2014 at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, & Hoosier Park Racing & Casino in Anderson.  We conducted two BRCs at Camp Atterbury & one in Anderson late this season.


ITEM 8:  Mike Meyer reminded everyone that 11/5 was an election day for some local elections.  Next year will be a short session in the Indiana General Assembly.  Organization Day is 11/19/13.  Mike invited all to participate.  


Jay added that there will probably be a Dead Red bill introduced, as well as legislation regarding mopeds.    


ITEM 9:  Jay emphasized that Fall Seminar is an opportunity to benefit from attending officers who are eager to learn.  It’s a chance for us to build, share & grow.  Following last year’s History of ABATE Part 1 with Wanda Hummel, this year we’ll have History of ABATE Part 2 with Mike Farabaugh.  Concluding the seminar, from 6-8 Rodney will conduct a Tiny Tots training.  Rodney gave a preview of the training agenda.  


ITEM 10:  Jay stated that topics discussed in the earlier Advisory Committee (AdComm) meeting either have been or will be reviewed in this meeting.  


Jay reminded the board that the HVAC unit in the Bargersville annex needs to be replaced, & added that ABATE’s Dodge truck is in need of new tires as the current tires have endured 80,000 miles.


The increase in the cost of employee healthcare insurance is expected to increase 2.6% in 2014.  


AdComm agreed that we need to verbally promote the organization & tout the accomplishments of all aspects of ABATE of Indiana.


Elections were held for AdComm.  Dave ‘Frosty’ Frost was elected, & Bob Stoner was appointed.  The 2014 AdComm board now consists of Gino Johnson, Rod Taylor, Dave Frost, & Bob Stoner.  


ITEM 11:  Mike Seiler addressed the board with ideas to engage & increase membership.  


Rodney detailed the sponsorship offering for our ABATE Children’s Motorcycle Adventure Tiny Tots program.


Jay reiterated that we plan to expand the children’s program to include portable displays & activity booklets.  Discussion followed.


ITEM 12:  The board discussed the 2014 ABC State Charity submissions.



ITEM 13:  Darla Abel will continue to chair the Boogie Committee.  Discussion regarding the Boogie event ensued.  The group agreed that officers need to promote the event.  Jay asked the board for a consensus on where Boogie parking should be located.  Overall agreement is to move parking to the field across from the memorial.


ITEM 14:  Wayne began discussion regarding the ABATE/MRF membership idea he suggested at the October meeting, wherein when a member joins or renews their ABATE membership for 3 years, they would receive a 1 year MRF membership for $10.  Discussion followed.  The group agreed that they need more research before making a decision.


ITEM 15:  Jay stated that we have renamed the Kids Corner in Hoosier Motorcyclist (HMC) to ABATE Kids.  


Gary distributed the new ABATE Products banners to each region.  


Jay informed the group that we plan to repaint the Bargersville office this winter.


Jay conveyed the excitement of the governor’s staff regarding the Ride with the Governor, & how they’re looking forward to next year’s event.  Jay then announced that there will be a bridge dedication to a fallen Marine at Brown County State Park this Monday at 2:00pm.


Jay requested signatures for Imre Szauter’s retirement card, which we will give to Imre tomorrow.  Discussion followed regarding a lifetime ABATE of Indiana membership for Imre Szauter.



Greg requested approval to construct an addition to Region 08’s shelter house at LCRP for meal prep & storage.



ITEM 16:  The Board of Directors approved sanctioning of events for 2014.


ITEM 17:  Meeting adjourned.



ITEM 18:  Executive Session.


Respectfully submitted,


Tina McCormack








Motion 1:  Kay motioned to approve July/August financials, Dave seconded; Region 08 was absent, all others present voted in favor.  Motion carried.


Motion 2:  Greg motioned, & Kay seconded to select the Hoosier Burn Camp for our 2014 ABC State Charity; all regions voted in favor.  Motion carried.


Motion 3:  Teresa made the motion to award a lifetime membership from ABATE of Indiana to Imre Szauter, Dave seconded; all regions in favor.  Motion carried.


Motion 4:  Greg motioned to allow Region 08 to construct an addition to their region shelter house at LCRP, Fred seconded; Regions 00, 02, 04, 05, 11, & 12 voted against, all others in favor.  Motion carried.
























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