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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 12, 2014

State Office Annex, Bargersville IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance at 12:08pm.  Those in attendance were:  Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ & Jude Hewitt, & Brian ‘Beatle’ Bendel; Region 03-Rodney Walker; Region 04-Kay & Ron Hurst; Region 06-Fred Spencer; Region 07-Ken Harris, John Mayberry & Donju Taylor; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel & Thom ‘Hippie’ Henderson; Region 11-Chuck Powell; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Paul ‘PD3’ Douglas III; AdComm- Rod Taylor, Bob Stoner & Dave ‘Frosty’ Frost; LINC-Mike Meyer; DIRT-Roy Garrett; Operations Director Gary Williams; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack; Membership Committee-Mike Seiler; Guest-Edie Seiler.


ITEM 1:  Jay brought attention to the front office renovation, & requested ABATE of Indiana artifacts for the display cases.


ITEM 2:  Tina explained the decrease in Motorcycle Safety Division income 2013 vs 2012.  She then reviewed Jan/Feb 2014 financials.  Tina & Jay explained the insurance claim for the burst sprinkler pipe at Freedom Hall in January.


With no questions on Nov/Dec 2013 financials, Tina asked for a motion to approve.



ITEM 3:  Gary informed the group that charitable gaming is at an 18 year low statewide.  While our bingo revenues are down, Coliseum Bingo is still the largest grossing bingo operation in the State of Indiana.  We did experience some closures & minimal attendance in Jan & Feb, due to the winter weather.


ITEM 4:  Gary then updated the board on attendance at LCRP.  While Jan & Feb were slow months because of weather, attendance increased in March & April.


Gary announced that we will be hosting a GNCC race at LCRP April 27, & the Miracle Trail Ride (MTR) will take place June 7 & 8.  Regions 6, 10 & 13 members will be volunteering for the MTR. 


The roads at LCRP are in terrible shape because of recent precipitation.  Rick Thompson has been working to repair the roads.  The trails have weathered fairly well.


Jay brought up that Morgan County would like to have their Chilifest event at LCRP this year.  As long as we don’t need to close the property, it should not pose any problems.


Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) requested permission to construct a shelter house at LCRP.



Jay then implored the group to let members know if they have any questions regarding ABATE of Indiana to contact the state office for clarification, rather than contact a state agency directly and cause confusion.


ITEM 5:  Roy announced that there are issues with the Indiana DNR recognizing off-road vehicle (ORV) registrations from out of state.  We will pursue a temporary registration through our legislative agenda. 


Roy stated more coaches will be trained for Dirt Bike School (DBS) in May.  We’ve had requests to conduct advanced DBS for adventure riders.  We plan to conduct such a class May 17th with adventure bikes.  Roy has organized an adventure ride starting at Westfield Yamaha (formerly Bloomington Power Sports).


Mike Meyer added that Mark Messmer, who is a candidate for Indiana Senate, is very interested in the ORV registration problem.  Discussion followed.


ITEM 6:  Jay stated that year to date there have been two motorcycle fatalities in Indiana that we are aware of. 


May 1st is our kickoff event on Monument Circle for Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month.  Governor Pence will speak at the event, & will also ceremonially sign HB1080, the dead red bill.  


Jay updated everyone on the current status of our rider ed sites & instructors.  We still do not have a range in the Lafayette area.  The new Indianapolis site will accommodate four ranges.


ITEM 7:  Mike Meyer reminded the group that primary elections are May 6.  Mike researched elected officials’ voting records, & has that available.  Gary & Mike encouraged everyone to vote, & also to ride their motorcycle & wear their gear to the polls, to send the message that motorcyclists vote.


Discussion followed regarding allowable legislative efforts for a 501 (c) (3).


ITEM 8:  Bob reviewed the Advisory Committee that was held prior to this meeting.  The key topics were rider ed, Boogie, & the septic system at LCRP.


ITEM 9:  Darla stated that Tina has visited hotels in Bloomington that would save some dollars if we decide to utilize one of them for Boogie.


Jay reviewed the Boogie entertainment.  He then announced that we do not yet have a contract with ICJI for this years’ Boogie sponsorship. 


The group discussed Boogie suggestions which were included with the agenda for this meeting.  The board declined to enact any of the suggestions at this time.


Discussion ensued regarding early entrants to Boogie.  Tina requested Boogie early lists by our June Board of Directors’ meeting. 


ITEM 10:  Mike S distributed current membership numbers.  He explained that because a one year ABATE membership is included with the rider ed course now, there will be a slight over statement of membership revenue this year for those students that joined/renewed, then registered for a course, giving ABATE two years’ membership revenue this year.  The Membership Committee will have a presence at the Miracle Ride this year.  Mike reminded the group that all regions should submit their letters to the Hoosier Motorcyclist. 


Next, Mike requested ABATE incur expense to mail postcards to those members that did not renew in the last couple of months.  Consensus was that at this time, we should not incur that expense.  Jay then explained to the group that some post office branches continue to reject the agreed upon postage rate for our membership renewals.


Rodney discussed the schedule for the Tiny Tots.  He informed everyone that Rod Taylor is revising our event liability waiver today.  Jay offered to supply anyone with copies prior to leaving the office. 


ITEM 11:  There was no old business to discuss.


ITEM 12:  Jay reminded the group that we need assistance from members with projects.  One example is the difficulty in transporting the entire Products line to three events each year.  He then brought attention to the shelving that we purchased for Products.  Discussion followed.  Additionally, we need hands on displays for the ABATE Children’s Motorcycle Adventure. 


Jay announced our involvement with an event the Greenwood public library is hosting this summer, a motorcycle themed county wide read event.


Jay offered outdated gear check tickets to the regions for their use.


Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Month press kits will be available electronically soon. 


Ken began a discussion regarding our current three year award plaques.   


Wayne asked about the possibility of digitizing event waivers.  Discussion followed.


Jay offered MotoGP flyers & rider ed course informational pamphlets.


Chuck requested that we host perspective State Charity recipients at our August meeting rather than waiting until November.


ITEM 13:  In closing, Jay asked for cooperation in meeting the deadlines we have in place. 


Meeting adjourned, 2:44pm.






Respectfully submitted,


Tina McCormack



The next scheduled BOD meeting is June 7 at LCRP.






Motion 1: Rodney motioned, Ken seconded to approve November & December financials.  All regions present in favor, motion carried.


Motion 2:  Mo made a motion to allow CMA to construct a shelter house at LCRP, Kay seconded.  All regions present opposed, motion failed.


Motion 3:  Ken motioned to adjourn, Rodney seconded.  All regions present in favor, motion carried.


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