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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 9, 2019

Waterfront Hotel, Indianapolis, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 7:46pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 01-Wayne Kopec, WT & Tina Housley, Brett & Dawn Tracy, Sam Bardo, Holly Bridgman, Clark Niemitalo, & Krystin Hildebrandt; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt, Lesa Rosenbaum, Terry Young & Nate Chambers; Region 03-Scott Bowman & Justin Kennedy; Region 04-Jan Johns; Region 05-Randy & Janet Penix; Region 06-Mark Thomas; Region 07- Ken Harris & Janet Davidson; Region 08-Mike Jeffers; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Joe Garland; Region 11-Zach Bird & Maelene Grenat; Region 12-Dave Hawkins & Brian Russell; Region 13-Aaron Meyer & Christian Harper; MRF-Roberta Meyer; AdComm- Bob Stoner, Gino Johnson, & Rick Thompson; LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; DIRT-Roy Garrett; Event Security-Mike Clendenen & Danny Bertolet; Marketing Committee-Mike Seiler; Vendor Coordinator-Harold Davidson; Logistics-Harley Klopfenstein; Tiny Tots-Rodney Walker; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack.


ITEM 1:  Chuck Clark, ISU Underwood Agency, reviewed the basics of our insurance policies.  Chuck & Tina answered questions regarding the cost of event insurance to the regions, & our policy period.   Tina reminded the directors that we encourage them to obtain event insurance through hosting facilities whenever possible; Chuck added that ABATE Foundation should be listed as an additional insured on those certificates of insurance (COI).  Jay further explained that ABATE of Indiana, & ABATE Foundation are the entities that own the insurance policies (there is no ABATE of X County).  Jay explained that we have a good relationship with Underwood Agency & they are an invaluable source of answers.  He & Chuck further explained that our event insurance is not in place to cover medical expenses for attendees, but rather to protect the organization from liability.  Tina & Chuck stated that while all of our events are covered under our policy, the insurance company needs the additional information that we request through the event insurance request form for our sanctioned events.  Jay reiterated that only ABATE sanctioned events & meetings are covered under our policies, & no other rides, events, etc. are to be promoted as ABATE events.


ITEM 2:  Marc distributed the current Boogie promotional poster & handouts.   


He presented a model of an enlarged check to be used as a presentation check for our charitable donations. 


Marc plans to distribute business card sized promotional cards to the directors.  


He then began the conversation of an obituary announcement procedure.  Discussion followed.  The Memorial Committee was resurrected:  Chair – Wayne Kopec; Members – Zach Bird, Jay Jackson & Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt.


ITEM 3:  Tina reviewed the director financial packet contents & approval process.  


She requested approval for September/October financials



Jay asked for approval on the purchase of a corporate vehicle.



ITEM 4:  Bob Stoner reviewed our ABATE Bikers Care (ABC) awards & disbursements.  Bob observed that we’re donating more dollars out of the fund than we raised in 2018.  (The group was reminded that, in our Director Prep in January, the board approved a partial award for The Kitchen State Park.)  He added that AdComm will recommend awarding a portion of Dunebrook’s request after obtaining more information, & they do recommend approving the request from Church of Goodness; the committee is waiting for more info from the American Legion before deciding on the recommendation for their request.



ITEM 5:  Jay asked Rodney Walker to speak on the Tiny Tots program.  Rodney distributed the current list of program requests for 2019.  Much discussion ensued regarding the approval process.  The criteria will be:  1st come, 1st served; a minimum of 25 kids expected; venue is confirmed; volunteers committed. 


Rodney requested volunteers for next weekend’s Motorcycle Expo at the state fairgrounds.  Tina shared the current list of volunteers.


ITEM 6:  Jay shared that there is a charity gaming reform bill moving through the legislature.  Coliseum Bingo closed 1 night because of weather, & 1 night because of a holiday.  We may be looking for a new snow removal contractor.  He then conveyed difficulties we overcome with ever changing financial institution processes.


ITEM 7:  Roy Garrett stated that we have a Dirt Bike School (DBS) schedule for our LCRP range.  Tina requested assistance in obtaining a schedule from Wabash Cannonball Motorcycle Club.  Scott Bowman offered to contact Wabash Cannonball, & requested promotional materials for the Wabash range.  


ITEM 8:  Jay informed the group that our corporate fleet will be readjusted now that we have acquired the new truck.  He communicated that the event discussed in Director Prep last month will be hosted by LCRP after Boogie this year. 


Rayce Guthrie advised that LCRP has an adventure ride scheduled for April 6, & a swap meet/yard sale for April 27.  He distributed swap meet flyers.  Another group is interested in renting the property.


Bob Stoner asked if we know why 2018 numbers are down over 2017; Rayce explained that we’re organizing some events to increase awareness & attendance.  Red Bird will be closed this summer for maintenance, & we hope to gain some riders from that.  We also did not host a race in 2018, which affected attendance.


ITEM 9:  Jay updated the group on legislative bills we’re watching.  SB453 has not been heard; this is a bicycle, skateboard, scooter & roller skate helmet bill.


ITEM 10:  Jay then reviewed the status of our Motorcycle Safety Division (MSD).  We recently abruptly lost our lease for our Indy Airport site, but were able to move our site to an adjoining lot.  Registration opens in a week.  We are waiting for our Merrillville host’s schedule before we can assemble our rider ed schedule for that site.


ITEM 11:  Roberta Meyer stated that the profiling resolution passed unanimously in the US Senate, & will go to the House next.  MRF membership dues increase in May, for the first time in many years.  She referred to an article in the most recent MRF newsletter.


Jay announced Bikers Inside the Beltway (BITB) will be May 21st.  That’s the week before Rolling Thunder, & this is supposed to be the last year for Rolling Thunder National.


ITEM 12:  Jay advised that Boogie items were discussed during Director Prep:  the Boogie Utility Vehicle (BUV) fee will decrease from $200 to $75 this year; we are refining the handicap policy; we will not conduct a Boogie Bike Raffle this year.  He then reviewed the tentative entertainment lineup.


Wayne Kopec began discussion on Boogie crew pay.  Bob Stoner requested a projected budget from each crew leader by April 1 for review at our April BOD meeting.


Harold Davidson announced that an RV dealer will be a Boogie vendor, & asked for opinions on some attractions.


ITEM 13:  Bob Stoner apprised the group of the AdComm meeting earlier tonight.  The AdComm composed a letter that each director will sign, & the state office will mail. 


Aaron Meyer asked AdComm for consideration of a sanctioned chaplain officer position.


ITEM 14:  Mike Seiler learned at the Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) that some other State Motorcyclist Rights Organizations (SMROs) believe social media was an asset in increasing their membership.


Jay challenged all directors to call 10 previous members & market our membership.


Maelene Grenat suggested an auto renewal option for membership.


ITEM 15:  Brian Russell distributed signs to each region director, signs that were donated from a supporting business. 


Aaron Meyer suggested “A Day in the Life” type video to show the effort invested to continue this organization.  Jay asked Aaron to discuss this idea with Marc.


ITEM 16:  Jay declared that ABATE of Indiana will host the MOTM in 2020.  A host committee was formed:  Zach Bird, Scott Bowman, Justin Kennedy, Wayne Kopec, Mike Seiler, & Roberta Meyer.  All directors have the MRF’s hosting manual.



Meeting adjourned, 11:16pm.



Respectfully submitted,




Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be April 13 at the Bargersville Annex. 






Motion 1:  Jan Johns motioned, & Ken Harris seconded, to approve the September/October financials.  Region 0 abstained, region 9 voted no, all other regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Zach Bird made a motion to approve a maximum of $50,000 for the purchase of a corporate vehicle, Scott Bowman seconded.  Region 0 abstained, all other regions voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 3:  Aaron Meyer motioned, with a second from Scott Bowman, to accept AdComm’s recommended distributions from our ABC fund.  Region 0 abstained, all other regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 4:  Ken Harris made the motion to adjourn, Aaron Meyer seconded.  All regions in favor; motion carried.

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