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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 8, 2016

LCRP, Springville, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 1:20pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Teresa & Ray Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt & Terry Young; Region 03-Scott Bowman & Marcy Thompson; Region 04-Jan Johns; Region 05-Tony Brummett; Region 06-Joey & Sheryl Macke ; Region 07- Ernie & Janet Davidson; Region 08-Mike Jeffers; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel, Thom & Ben Henderson; Region 11-Carol Poe; Region 12-Dave Hawkins & Brian Russell; Region 13-Aaron Meyer; AdComm- Rick Thompson & Bob Stoner; LINC-Mike Meyer; DIRT-Roy Garrett; MRF State Rep-Roberta Meyer; Marketing-Mike Seiler; Operations Director LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; Editor/Publisher-Marc Falsetti; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack; Administrative Assistant Dana Surd. 


ITEM 1:  With no questions or discussion regarding May/June financials, Tina requested a motion to approve.



Tina then reviewed the dashboard for July/August financials.  She asked the directors to have their secretaries & treasurers check the Monthly Summary & Event Insurance reports for any discrepancies prior to the end of the year.


She requested the status of missing treasurer’s reports & bank statements from regions 0 & 5.  Tony stated region 5’s will be forwarded tonight.


Tina reminded the group to please make sure that membership applications are complete, specifically whether a new or renewal, & the contact info.


She informed the board that, according to an article in the August edition of Indiana Legislative Insight, local governments have discussed levying payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs) on local charities.  Gino has mentioned in the past that the IRS is keenly aware of the lost tax revenue from charitable organizations. 


ITEM 2:  Jay declared that we are reviewing estimates for the roof replacement at Freedom Hall.  Gaming revenue across the state is down, but we continue to endure the decrease.  There is a possibility of expansion in gaming with the new administration in Indiana state government.  Although it probably shouldn’t affect Coliseum Bingo much, we’ll watch for that.


ITEM 3:  Rayce explained that we are in the process of completing the mound system for the septic at LCRP.  The state inspection will be on Tuesday, & the contractor is ready to begin.  Rayce has repaired fencing & added fence at the front gate shelter. 


LCRP hosted a national K9 training last week.  There were 14 states represented with 200 dogs & a couple of helicopters here from Mon-Thurs.  We were featured in several local newspapers.  We will have a DBS for 32 members of military in 2 weeks.  Rayce asked that we refrain from having fires in the field, but keep them closer to the stage.  


The Indiana Trails Advisory Board (ITAB) visited LCRP in September.  Their board was excited about the property for off-highway/trails use. 


Rayce is working to obtain a UTV for use at LCRP.  The dump trailer has been useful in repairing washed out bridges & roads since the Boogie.  Rayce acknowledged Rick Thompson for his contributions with the repairs.


Rayce asked the group to let him know of any areas they need addressed.  He plans to work more in the woods this winter, repairing trails.  He has a variety of signage to post throughout the property & trails.


Rayce announced that Rod Taylor donated his military truck (the BFT) to LCRP.  The truck will be a great addition to our equipment. 


Rayce will be attending the American International Motorcycle (AIME) expo in Florida next week, where he will go to seminars & represent LCRP to the manufacturers that participate in the conference.


Jay reviewed the septic system project.



ITEM 4:  Roy Garrett added that the ITAB meeting was very successful.  The group enjoyed their time here.  The K9 training was exciting to watch.  Our facility is conducive to events such as these as well as manufacturer’s demonstrations.  Jay added that the DBS for the military is a significant event.  In addition to training 32 students in two days, we will supply the motorcycles for the classes.


Jay added that Roy’s absence was noticed at the Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) this year.  He added that in the future we’ll arrange off-highway vehicle (OHV) presentations at the MOTM.  Roy will attend the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) conference in Montana next week.  


ITEM 5:  Mike Meyer stated that, as we discussed in our last BOD meeting, a couple of legislators will introduce bills to address off-road helmet use & education for children under 18.  He encouraged the board to compile an agenda for our upcoming legislative session, & to vote in our approaching state & federal elections.  Jay encouraged everyone to ride to vote.  


Jay added that we have not seen the language of the bills to address helmet use for child off-road riders, but we do not expect to oppose, & may even support those bills after reviewing the language.  Nationally, anti-profiling legislation is gaining popularity & we are not in opposition.  


ITEM 6:  Jay invited MOTM attendees to share their thoughts on the conference.  Scott Bowman, Mike Meyer & Wayne Kopec provided positive feedback about their experiences.


Jay revealed that Steel Horse Thunder featured our Ride with the Governor on their televised broadcast this week.


Jay then reviewed the MOTM theme for this year, “Bridging the Gap”, & emphasized the importance of unity.  He discussed the Fact or Fiction legislative piece from the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF), the Lifesavers conference, & the Road to Zero release.While the State Motorcycle Safety Administrators (SMSA) conference was held in Oregon at the same time as the MOTM, the MRF was able to present an award during the SMSA conference via skype, & Jay has since served on the SMSA Executive Board by means of a teleconference.  


ITEM 7:  Our 2016 rider ed season is near its conclusion.  We’ve requested statewide training numbers from the BMV but have not received that information yet.  Jay intends to publish a release this Monday that ABATE of Indiana did not respond to the request for proposal to contract with the state in delivering rider ed in 2017, but we will conduct training in 2017.  We will share more information at the Fall Seminar in November.  Discussion followed.


Mo Kintner divulged that his operator’s license was suspended for four weeks recently because of the incompetency of the Indiana BMV.  Joey Macke announced that he received an email during this meeting from the BMV stating that he has a credit on his account with the BMV.  This stems from the class action lawsuit(s) settlement for past erroneous charges by the Indiana BMV.  It is the consensus of the group that ABATE should distance itself from the BMV.


ITEM 8:  The future of our rider ed program will fill a large portion of the Fall Seminar content this year.  We plan to again have an influential figure from ABATE’s history to interview, & we may have guests from other states attend.  Jay offered to consider specific requests or ideas for the seminar.  


ITEM 9:  Jay will offer some possible dates for the Director Prep in the near future.  We need all 14 directors to attend.


ITEM 10:  Bob Stoner discussed topics reviewed during the Advisory Committee (AdComm) meeting earlier today.  They conversed on the septic system, the ABC event, Boogie financials, & the change in overtime laws.  Bob suggested the ABC Committee reevaluate that program.  He also recommended the Boogie Committee convene to discuss pricing, a one day ticket, & entertainment.  Some discussion ensued regarding our ABC event.


Jay asked for one Boogie issue to agree upon today, & further asked that the directors take Boogie topics back to their members & bring their outcomes to the November meeting.  Some Boogie costs were discussed.  Consensus for today was to leave the entertainment budget as is.  


ITEM 11:  Mike Seiler requested 15 minutes on the agenda for the November BOD meeting.


The Boogie Committee will meet in November.


ITEM 12:  Jay asked for board consensus regarding ABATE taking the high road as we always have, doing what’s right and not what’s easy. 


The 3rd & final reading of the By-Law revisions occurred:



Duties of the Advisory Committee

  • Review the financial statements monthly and report on these to the Board.
  • Review the projected budget for the year, and report on this to the Board.
  • Review and recommend changes to the Board concerning ABATE properties, goals, and programs; research new programs.
  • Review and recommend salary and benefits for:  Executive Director, Safety Director, Operations Director, and Editor.
  • Review and recommend applicants for positions of Executive Director, Safety Director and Editor.
  • Perform the duties of the Operations Director in the absence of the Operations Director at the direction of the Executive Director and/or the Executive Board.



Election Procedures

A. General Guidelines:

  • All Regional and County elections are to be completed by October 31st.
  • Each region is to have their election procedure on file at the state office and is to follow said procedure in accordance with ABATE of Indiana state policy.
  • No voting by absentee ballot will be allowed.
  • Individuals signing up as members at the election meeting, or holding ‘guest’ cards cannot accept nomination, nor do they have voting or nominating privileges.


B. Terms of Office:

  • Term of all offices is January 1 through December 31.
  • All ABATE property and membership material will be turned over to new officers by January 15; this includes treasurer reports and necessary documents for transfer of region checking account.


C. Eligibility for Nomination and Voting:

  • An individual may vote, or accept an officer candidate nomination, only in the region and/or county listed on their current active membership.


D. Officer Candidate Requirements:

  • Must be present to accept nomination; should be present at election meeting.
  • Must be a registered voter, and show appropriate proof at time of nomination.
  • Before a candidate for Region Director can assume the office, he/she must have a minimum of one (1) year experience as an ABATE of Indiana officer.


E. Officer Requirements:

  • All officers are required to attend their scheduled region/county officer training; attendance at the Fall Seminar is expected.
  • All elected or appointed officers must sign an agreement form; failure to do so restricts them from holding the office regardless of election results.
  • All newly elected officers are expected to read and understand the ABATE of Indiana Constitution and Bylaws (available at abateonline.org) before signing agreement and taking office.




Tina asked for any suggested changes or revisions to the Guidebook as soon as possible.


ITEM 13:  Dana reminded everyone their 2017 sanctioned events list is due today, & thanked those that already submitted theirs.  She asked for Fall Seminar rooming requests by 10/21; awards list, 1 per region, by the end of the year; elections results & completed officer acceptance forms by 11/4.


Bear requested the state office purchase stickers (sample distributed) for the Tiny Tots participants.  Jay agreed, & added that we are close to having an activity book for the participants as well.


Tony asked for the cost of a 4’ x 10’ bumper sticker banner.  Marc will follow up.


ITEM 14:  Jay drew the winner of the ABC State Charity raffle; Dale Ann Breeze of Mount Vernon is the winner.  Jay & Mike Jeffers will attempt to contact Dale.


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors adjourned, & the board went into Executive Session at 3:53pm.




Respectfully submitted,


Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting is November 18 at the Clarion on the Waterfront. 






Motion 1:  Dave Hawkins motioned to approve May/June financials, Tony Brummett seconded.  All regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Tony Brummett made the motion to approve a maximum of $30,000 to finalize the installation of the mound system for the septic at LCRP, Mo Kintner seconded.  All regions voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 3:  By-Law revisions approved as read.  All regions voted in favor; revisions approved.


Motion 4:  Ernie motioned to adjourn, Jan seconded.  All regions in favor; motion carried.


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