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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
June 8, 2013
Lawrence County Recreational Park, Springville, IN

Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 11:50am. Those in attendance were: Region 00-Teresa & Ray Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don "Bear" & Judy Hewitt (arrived later); Region 03-Rodney Walker; Region 04-Kay & Ron Hurst; Region 05-Troy Striegel; Region 06-Fred Spencer; Region 07-Ken Harris; Region 08-Greg Turner (arrived later); Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel, Thom "Hippy" Henderson; Dick Jones; Region 11-Chuck Powell; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Paul "PD3" Douglas III; LINC-Mike Meyer; Ad, Comm-Dave "Frosty" Frost; DIRT-Roy Garrett; Membership Committee-Tom Finney; Event Security-Mike "Mongo" Pottorff & Mike Clendenen; Event First Aid-Steve "Scooby" Downing; State Office-Gary Williams Sr.

ITEM 1: With no questions/comments received on January/February financials, Jay asked for a motion to approve.

Gino explained the March/April financials & dashboard.

ITEM 2: Gary reviewed bingo attendance & stated another bingo in Fort Wayne has closed its doors. This has helped increase our Saturday attendance, & our Tuesday attendance has also increased. While bingo revenues are down statewide, our per player spending is up substantially as compared to this time last year. Gary read an excerpt from Gaming Insight where it states ABATE of Indiana"s Coliseum Bingo was the highest grossing bingo operation in the state in 2012. Jay added that anything we do, we do with pride & integrity, but to keep in mind that these are gross revenues. The numbers stated in Gaming Insight do not reflect payouts to the players, or any other expenses incurred. Gary explained that some former bingo operations have redirected their gaming activities to casino nights instead of bingo.

ITEM 3: Gary then reviewed attendance at LCRP, including the recent Limestone 100 race. Jay announced that LCRP will host the Indiana Trails Advisory Board (ITAB) conference November 7-9, the same weekend as our Fall Seminar this year.

ITEM 4: Roy is in the process of distributing a legislative survey to a target audience of 500 dealers & users of OHVs. He then reviewed DIRT"s trail ride schedule for this summer (see the current issue of Hoosier Motorcyclist for schedule), & announced that we"ve completed 5 Dirt Bike School (DBS) classes & have another scheduled for next week. In lieu of pay, the DBS instructors are funding a scholarship for DBS to cover the class fee for underprivileged students.

Legislation to move OHV registration from the DNR to the BMV has passed, with a January 1, 2014 effective date.

ITEM 5: Jay updated the board on the current status of our MSD rider ed sites. The Carmel site is sharing the range at our current Indy East location. We recently completed our first Rider Coach Prep Workshop (RCPW), & have recruited 12 new instructors. The Evansville site will move to Robert"s Stadium in the near future.

We are cognizant of legislation in Illinois that affected their rider ed program in such a way that they immediately decreased the volume of classes. Some Illinois & Michigan instructors have been teaching at our sites that are in need of instructors.

Jay reminded the board that administering our rider ed program continues to present challenges, and we may reevaluate our role in the program.

ITEM 6: Jay summarized progress with the new website & database. We continue to work through some issues, & have contracted another firm to assist with problems. Rider ed registration is now available on our website. We have received positive comments about the site from our members & students. Discussion followed.

ITEM 7: Jay reiterated that Roy & DIRT are working on a legislative survey for off-highway vehicle (OHV) purposes, & we are attempting to identify concerns with scooters. Jay announced that we may host an interim summer study session regarding the same.

We continue to discuss the red light issue, where a red light does not recognize a motorcycle.

Jay is scheduled to meet with Governor Pence"s staff to plan the 2013 Ride with the Governor. The ride is scheduled for 10/04/13.

Ken stated that the problem with the BMV"s software recognizing some Harley-Davidson motorcycles as AMC cars is still not corrected. Jay replied that he has had conversations with several agencies, & they are aware of the problem.

Mo asked for clarification on any new legislation concerning scooters, because of increased enforcement in southern Indiana; Jay answered that no new legislation affecting mopeds passed last session, & that law enforcement might be enforcing current law.

Mike Meyer encouraged the group to talk to their legislators whenever possible. He invited everyone to the LINC Ride that Region 13 will host in October.

Jay reviewed this year"s Bikers Inside the Beltway. He announced that Meeting of the Minds (MOTM) will be in Columbus, OH this September. Wayne, Mike Meyer & Greg commented on the importance of attending & networking with the other SMROs. Jay asked for a motion for our 2013 contribution to MRF.

ITEM 8: Jay summarized the Advisory Committee meeting earlier this morning. Teresa asked for clarification on this year"s elections to Ad Comm. Discussion followed.

ITEM 9: Jay asked for committee reports.

Teresa asked for entries for next year"s ABC State Charity. Discussion followed.

Tom analyzed current membership numbers, & encouraged members to recruit & retain more members. The Membership Committee is discussing children"s membership. Tom commented on the importance of county letters in the Hoosier Motorcyclist.

Rodney reviewed the current schedule for Tiny Tots. He also announced that regions need to take better care of our Tiny Tots trailers & equipment while in their use. Rodney reminded the group that prior to using Tiny Tots, members should attend orientation & read the manual.

ITEM 10: Jay informed the board that Indiana has 24 motorcycle fatalities year to date.

Wayne inquired about the status of purchasing adjoining property to LCRP; Jay explained that the owner did not follow through with the sale.

ITEM 11: Frosty questioned the contact for MotoGP volunteers. Discussion followed.

Rodney distributed proposed Tiny Tots sponsorship forms for the board"s review.

Jay announced that Indiana Black Expo has an event scheduled on Georgia Street during Boogie week this year. The Indiana War Memorial is having an event to benefit the Indiana National Guard on July 6.

Jay cautioned the directors regarding event t-shirt orders.

Meeting adjourned at 12:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Tina McCormack

Motion 1: Kay motioned to accept January/February financials, Ken seconded; Regions 2 & 8 had not yet arrived, all other regions in favor. Motion carried.

Motion 2: Rodney motioned that ABATE of Indiana contribute $1 per member to the Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) for 2013, Teresa seconded; all regions in favor. Motion carried.

Motion 3: Kay motioned to adjourn; all regions in favor. Motion carried.

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