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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
November 18, 2011
Clarion Waterfront, Indianapolis IN

Executive Director Jay Jackson called the meeting to order at 7:19pm. Everyone rose for the Pledge of Allegiance. Those present were: Region 00-Teresa Bodle; Region 01-Al ‘Putt’ Putman, Wayne Kopec, and Bill Kopriva; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ and Jude Hewitt; Region 03-Rodney Walker; Region 04-Jan Johns; Region 05-Troy Striegel; Region 06-Bob Stoner and Ryan Clark; Region 07-Dennis Tyger, Kenny Harris, and Kim Tyger; Region 08-Brian and Michanne Smiddy; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 11-Ken Casey and Mike ‘Joker’ Lowe; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Ad Comm-Gino Johnson & Dave ‘Frosty’ Frost; LINC-Mike Meyer; DIRT-Al Pivonka and Roy Garrett; Membership Committee-Mike Seiler; State Office-Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack, Operations Director Gary Williams, Editor/Publisher Marc Falsetti, and Rider Ed Coordinator Edie Seiler. Region 10, Thom Henderson and Darla Abel arrived at 7:40 and 8:00 respectively; Region 13 was absent.

ITEM 1: With no questions on the July/August financials, Tina asked for a motion to approve.

Tina distributed and reviewed September/October financials. While gross charitable gaming is down substantially over this period last year, the expenses have been controlled so that the net is down less significantly. Motorcycle Rider Ed revenues are up over last year due to an increased number of students trained.

ITEM 2: Jay reviewed the history of our Tour Program. Earlier this year our current Tour Director, Mike Meyer, submitted to HMC a detailed explanation of the program. After further review, we have decided to restructure the program in such a way that we may be able to offer the Tour Book to participants at no cost to them. The Tour Committee was formed, which includes: Mike Meyer, Jay Jackson, Gino Johnson, Kenny Casey, Mo Kintner, and Al Pivonka. Currently, the cost to print the passports is $1.40 per book; if we increased the number printed to 10,000 books, the cost will decrease to about .36 each; 20,000 is .30 each. Jay asked the BOD for consensus that the committee will be responsible for the restructuring of the program; no objections or discussions were voiced.

ITEM 3: Gino has suggested we discuss planned replacement of our corporate vehicles. Jay explained our current situation with the company trucks, both of which have high mileage and are requiring more maintenance because of their age and usage. We have been utilizing the silver Chevrolet in the Rider Ed Maintenance Program. Since the market to sell or trade the white GMC Sierra is not good, it would be best to move the Sierra to the Rider Ed Maintenance Program, and use the Chevrolet at LCRP. Gary Williams presented three quotes for a 2012 truck: Ford - $36,850; Chevrolet - $34,845; Dodge - $31,670. Discussion followed.

Jay stated that the Yamaha, the company motorcycle, is in similar condition, having over 60,000 miles and in need of repairs. Gary presented three quotes for a 2012 motorcycle: Yamaha - $17,700; Kawasaki - $15,900; Harley-Davidson - $15,750; Honda and Victory both were over $20,000. Discussion followed.

Jay then informed the BOD that the building next door to the state office is for sale. Gino added that he and Rod Taylor have been searching for a desirable and affordable location in Marion County for the past 2 ½ years with no success. Discussion followed.

ITEM 4: Gary updated the BOD regarding LCRP. Everything has been winterized, and REMC is scheduled to turn off nonessential electric service in the next week or two. Attendance has been strong lately. We recently hosted a visit from Lawrence County Tourism Board. The board was impressed with our facility. Shortly after the tour, a member of the tourism board requested a representative to participate in a local radio talk show. Frank Ira agreed, and the show generated a call to the office at LCRP, requesting information on the park. We’re hoping the tour and the radio show result in an increase in local participants at LCRP. We are still in communication with some off road series in regard to hosting an event in the future. We have had two snowmobilers visit LCRP.

ITEM 5: Gary gave the Bingo review. Attendance and amount spent per player are rebounding from the third quarter.

ITEM 6: Jay reviewed the Motorcycle Safety Division (MSD). Our annual Site Coordinators’ meeting is scheduled for Sunday at this facility. Jay invited the BOD to submit any questions or suggestions regarding MSD to Tina or Edie. The transition of the program from DOE to BMV has been positive. We’re in negotiation with a couple of facilities to relocate sites. We may be homeless in Lafayette next year; the South Bend site is looking to move because the current host’s corporate structure does not allow for us to be there; we continue to search for a host in Region 06; we may have an opportunity to develop a rider ed site in Versailles, where we currently have an AltMOST site.

Motorcycle fatalities year to date are now higher than all of 2010; 114 fatalities, with 23 of those moped related. Last year’s moped fatalities were 9.

ITEM 7: Jay reminded the BOD that 2012 is a short session in the General Assembly. Their only responsibility is to pass the bi-annual budget, which they have already accomplished. Jay believes there’s a good chance something relating to motorcycles may happen in this session, because of increased motorcycle fatalities. There’s also talk that Right to Work may be an issue again next year.

ABATE Day at the Statehouse is scheduled for January 17th, in conjunction with the IMA Legislative Reception, and ABATE Kids’ Day at the Statehouse will be February 21st. Kenny Casey asked for topics of discussion in December. Jay explained that until we know what’s on the agenda, we won’t have talking points, and things change quickly in the legislature.

Jay presented a picture of a three wheeled motorcycle that has doors, a windshield and a steering wheel. Because it has three wheels, it’s considered by law to be a motorcycle and the driver is required to be licensed accordingly. We administered the AltMOST to the owners, who by law, had to wear a helmet inside the vehicle while testing. This is an example of why the current law needs to be clarified.

2010 crash facts are available online at ICJI’s website. Jay and Gary attended the ICJI Operation Pullover banquet earlier in the day. Jay presented a Traffic Safety Calendar, wherein there are two months that reflect pictures that are motorcycle oriented; the cover picture is also that of a motor officer. Within the past couple of days, Jay received noticed from the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) of a teleconference taking place next week on the motorcycle crash causation study. Jay still serves on the steering committee. We received a call from Scott Waddell, commissioner of the BMV, requesting our help with a clean up bill, which will address licensing. Jeff Hennie serves us well on the federal level in Washington, DC. The biggest issue is that we maintain the state’s ability to determine our laws.

Kenny Casey requested literature that would assist in recruiting members for the MRF. ABATE of Illinois has more MRF sustaining members than any other state. Jay brought to board’s attention how much the MRF appreciates ABATE of Indiana for all we do for the MRF. Our annual contribution is always more than anyone else’s; this year’s contribution was $25,000. Kirk ‘Hardtail’ Willard, MRF’s president, is already planning to publish an article in their upcoming newsletter thanking us for our contributions, including financing Jay’s responsibilities as MRF’s vice president. While the MRF appreciates that we’re trying to increase their membership, they believe it’s more essential for the SMROs to stay strong. Jay agreed to try to get some materials out to Directors letting people know why the MRF is so important.

ITEM 8: The Fall Seminar is tomorrow. While our people like the breakout sessions, Jay stated he prefers general sessions. If we have something important to communicate from our attorney, our accountant, the CJI, the BMV, we want everyone to hear the same message at the same time from the speaker. Otherwise, the message could be misinterpreted as it’s passed along to others. Additionally, if someone in the audience asks a question, it’s more productive for everyone to hear the question and answer. However, we’ll compromise by using the general session for our main topics, but will present three breakouts in the afternoon, then return to the general session. The hospitality contest will be a team building exercise. We don’t have the same level of fellowship that we used to, and we’re trying to reconnect our people.

ITEM 9: Jay invited Dennis Tyger to review the Ad Comm meeting topics. Dennis stated that most of everything discussed in Ad Comm has already been reviewed in this meeting. Frosty brought up liability issues to the Ad Comm, and we’ll ensure through our accountant and counsel that our organization is protected.

Jay declared that the BOD needs to elect one member to serve on the Ad Comm, and Jay will appoint one. The Ad Comm is comprised of four members, three of which are elected and one is appointed by the Executive Director. The members serve two year terms, with two elected one year, and one elected and one appointed the alternate year. Rod and Gino were elected last year, so Frosty’s elected position and Dennis’ appointed position expire this year. Nominations were opened for the elected position. Jan nominated Frosty; Mo seconded. Teresa nominated Putt; Rodney seconded. Putt nominated Mike Seiler; Bear seconded. Dennis nominated Kenny Casey; Bear seconded. All nominees accepted. Motion to close nominations was made by Bear, and seconded by Putt. Votes by Region Director were cast by secret ballot. Election results were that Frosty was reelected to the Ad Comm. Jay will announcement his appointment tomorrow. (Kenny Casey was appointed to the Ad Comm by Jay Jackson and accepted the position).

ITEM 10: Jay requested committee reports.

Mike Seiler distributed membership counts through November 18, 2011 and the recommendation for the commencement of membership.
Mike noted that while our membership numbers have fluctuated over the past 18 months, they haven’t changed that much overall. Mike then reported on the Cycle Fest that was recently in Indianapolis. ABATE of Indiana signed seven new members there. Mike announced that the Membership Committee plans to create a checklist to be used to supply and organize ABATE membership booths at events.

Kenny Casey requested a motion to select a charity for our 2012 ABC State Charity.
Jay asked for the State Charity Committee to evaluate a request from Indiana ICE, the minor league hockey club, to be involved with them in a fundraiser.

Bob Stoner asked if any regions reviewed their election procedures this year. Several said yes, and some will be revising theirs.

Frank Ira was unable to attend this weekend due to a family emergency. Jay suggested the Boogie Committee meet as planned, tomorrow morning at 8:00 am in the atrium to discuss ideas. Jay took a poll of people who have heard of the group, Here Come the Mummies. Some had and liked their music. Jay expounded on the group, their history and their price. Discussion ensued on musical talent for the Boogie, and this year’s acts.

ITEM 11: Jay asked for any outstanding old business. Hearing none from the BOD, Jay stated he’s been in close communication with Vince Consiglio (President, ABATE of Michigan) concerning their pending helmet repeal. They have been optimistic but are becoming frustrated. The Insurance Industry seems to be influencing the legislature more than ABATE of Michigan is comfortable with.

ITEM 12: With no new business, Jay opened the floor. No comments, questions or concerns. Jay presented CJI’s newest promotional poster featuring Nicky Hayden, and noted that the verbiage does not contain the word ‘helmet’.

Jay displayed a sticker that Region 03 designed, to be given to children that participate in Tiny Tots. He praised their creativity and enthusiasm, but reminded everyone to please communicate ideas to, and work with state office staff.

ITEM 13: The BOD was presented with the sanctioning calendar, comprised of dates submitted by each region. Putt stated that Region 01’s Toys for Tots has been renamed to Treasures for Kids. During discussion, Teresa inquired as to why some regions’ ABC State Charity event is in a month other than August. Jay admitted that it’s confusing; Kenny Casey explained that R01 & R02 requested years ago to move their state charity event from August so that it didn’t conflict with their annual MDA events; R05 already had a Battle of the Bands event scheduled for August. R07 moved an event from 9/22 to 9/29; R06 changed an event from 9/21 to 9/28; R01 moved one from 11/11 to 11/4; R11 added an event on 10/22; Mike Meyer noted R13’s LINC Ride should be 10/6; Gary explained that the Miracle Trail Ride date is not confirmed. All corrections and revisions were made and agreed upon.

Jay announced that Edie will coordinate the schedule for Tiny Tots.

Dennis called for an executive session.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Tina McCormack

Motion 1: Dave Hawkins made a motion to approve the September/October financials; Putt seconded the motion. Regions 10 & 13 were absent; Region 7 abstained; all others in favor. Motion carried.

Motion 2: Mo motioned to purchase a new vehicle for no more than $40,000; Dave Hawkins seconded. Region 00 abstained, Region 13 was absent, all others in favor; motion carried.

Motion 3: Dennis motioned to purchase a new motorcycle with a cap of $20,000; Kenny Casey seconded. Region 13 was absent, all others in favor; motion carried.

Motion 4: Kenny Casey motioned to purchase the building adjacent to the state office, not to exceed $40,000; Dennis seconded the motion. Region 13 was absent, Region 06 abstained, all others voted in favor; motion carried.

Motion 5: Teresa motioned to accept the Membership Committee (proposal) dated November 8, 2011; Mo seconded. Region 13 was absent, Region 09 voted No, all others in favor; motion carried.

Motion 6: Teresa made the motion to select Hoosier Burn Camp as our 2012 ABC State Charity; Bob Stoner seconded. Region 13 was absent, all others voted Yes; motion carried.

Motion 7: Motion to adjourn, all in favor; motion carried.

Membership Recommendations

Membership starts when the state office processes the membership application. If a person joins at an event gate, they shall receive member pricing as a courtesy.

A member’s application must be processed and their name added to the membership list in order to make a motion or vote. This includes elections.

All benefits start when the state office processes an application.

At state events (Boogie, Motorcycle Exposition, Ride with the Governor, etc) the gate is considered an extension of the state office.

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