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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 15, 2013
Clarion Waterfront, Indianapolis, IN

Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:10pm. Those present were: Region 00-Teresa & Ray Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec, Al ?Putt? Putman, & Holly Bridgman; Region 02-Don ?Bear? Hewitt; Region 03-Rodney Walker; Region 04-Kay & Ron Hurst, & Jan Johns; Region 05-Troy Striegel; Region 06-Fred Spencer; Region 07-Ken Harris, & John & Terri Mayberry; Region 08-Greg Turner; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel, Thom ?Hippy? Henderson, Bill Hanners, & Dick Jones; Region 11-Chuck Powell; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Paul Douglas III & Aaron Meyer; LINC-Mike Meyer; AdComm-Gino Johnson & Dave ?Frosty? Frost; Security Director Mike ?Mongo? Pottorff; Membership Committee-Mike Seiler; Evansville Site Coordinator Rick Toy; John Bodeker; State Office-Operations Director Gary Williams, Editor/Publisher Marc Falsetti, Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack, Registrar Edie Seiler.

ITEM 1: In reviewing the dashboard, Gino explained that our cash on hand is down as compared to this period last year for several reasons, including: an outstanding receivable from BMV for the 2012 rider ed season; prepaid Boogie 2013 expense; capital expenditures in 2012.

Tina explained our process of receiving, reviewing, & approving financials & minutes. With no questions or comments on the September/October financials, Tina requested a motion to approve.

Tina reviewed the documents in the directors? packets ? dashboard, financial highlights, monthly summary, event insurance report, a copy of our current sales tax exemption form, & an expense report with the new mileage rate. She distributed active membership & current officer lists to the regions, & reminded the directors that all charitable donations from the regions are to be processed by the state office.

ITEM 2: Jay reminded the board that in our October BOD meeting, he mentioned that Jay Huber, President of Kentucky Motorcycle Association/Kentucky Bikers Association (KMA/KBA), has frequently asked us questions related to rider education. Jay explained that Ky will offer an RFP (request for proposal) for the 2013/2014 rider ed contract. He then introduced John Bodeker to the group. John gave his review of the current Ky rider ed contractor & their operations & procedures. Discussion followed.

ITEM 3: Marc updated the group on the status of the new database. Since the new database & website will not be physically ready for registrations on February 22, we?re looking at the first of April, probably April 2nd, to launch. As previously stated, once the database is active, directors will have access to their members? data. Individual members will have the ability to update their information only.

ITEM 4: Gary began by stating that while our bingo revenues are down, we?re not down as much as most across the state. Our average number of players is up over this time last year, but lower average dollars spent per player is why our revenues are down. This time of year both numbers will increase because of tax refunds.

ITEM 5: LCRP has seen an increase in riders & campers this year. Conversation followed.

ITEM 6: Gary announced that Roy Garrett & Al Pivonka are participating in the international motorcycle show at the convention center. We do have six new Dirt Bike School coaches, & if/when we see an increase in demand for the classes, we?ll look at adding sites.

ITEM 7: Jay stated that right now our rider ed sites of most concern are Muncie, Elkhart, Lafayette, & Indy East. We?re fairly confident we?ll be at Wilson Middle School in Muncie; we?re still at Farmers? Market in Elkhart, but the owner is wanting to lease more of the property; we have not yet received a response from the owner of Innovatech in West Lafayette; we do have a couple of potential sites for an additional site in the Indianapolis area, which would replace Indy East.

We have resurrected the MSD News Brief for the rider ed staff, wherein we communicate updates & current events to them bi-monthly. We mailed hard copies of the first edition a few weeks ago, but will deliver electronically in the future. Jay informed the board that our intentions are to develop a similar communication tool for ABATE officers; Jay asked for suggested content from the directors.

Contracts between BMV & ABATE for rider ed & motorcycle license exams have been signed by us & are awaiting signatures from the State. Rider Ed registrations begin February 22nd.

ITEM 8: Mike Meyer announced that US Senator Frank Lautenberg, an avid helmet law advocate, is retiring after his current term. HB1523, the moped bill, has been read in committees & subcommittees, but parties involved do not agree with everything in the bill at this time; there?s another committee hearing this Monday. 1118, the dead red bill, has not been scheduled for a hearing. Mike encouraged everyone to attend the committee hearing on Monday morning. Jay updated the group on the most recent communication regarding HB1523; there may be a third classification ? motorcycle, moped, & super moped. Since all bills in the House must pass committee by this Thursday, HB1523 could be in jeopardy of not passing. There is a bill in the Senate that would take oversight for OHV registrations from DNR & move that to BMV. All parties involved agree it?s a good idea.

Kid?s Day at the Statehouse is this Tuesday, February 19. Jay reviewed ABATE Day at the Statehouse attendance. With half of the chamber having two years or less experience, we need to educate the legislators & their staff on our positions. Jay expressed the importance of attending third house meetings. Mike & Gary agreed.

Ken Harris explained a situation with a glitch in BMV?s software system, wherein a motorcyclist?s license was suspended when his Harley-Davidson?s VIN erroneously identified the motorcycle as an AMC vehicle; since he didn?t carry insurance on an AMC vehicle, his license was suspended. BMV is working to correct the problem.

Jay added that BMV is revising their endorsement codes. A motorcycle endorsement will now be an ?L? instead of ?M?.

ITEM 9: Frosty welcomed the new directors prior to reviewing the AdComm meeting earlier tonight. Gino discussed financials with the AdComm; Indiana Bike Week was talked about; and Operation Bluegrass was deliberated. Frosty complimented the board on their unanimous motion to pursue Operation Bluegrass. He then reminded the directors to advise AdComm of any concerns they might have, & invited them to join the AdComm meetings.

ITEM 10: Jay explained the schedule & locations of our Awards Banquet tomorrow; Frosty added that he will be showing biker movies in the theater again this year. Tina announced that ABATE Products will be open from 10-5 tomorrow.

ITEM 11: Mike Seiler distributed an analysis of membership numbers for the past 2 « years. Discussion followed. Teresa suggested mailing reminders to members that haven?t renewed. More discussion followed. Mike encouraged all directors & county reps to submit letters to the Hoosier Motorcyclist each month, to inform members of activities in their areas. Fred stated we need to recruit younger members as well. Kay explained how her county reps work with their inactive members list to recruit past members.

Darla offered to chair the Boogie Committee. Jay encouraged everyone to be involved.

ITEM 12: Jay announced the entertainment lineup for Boogie.

ITEM 13: Rodney brought attention to the barriers displayed in the room, to be used for our Tiny Tots events. We now have enough equipment to supply two trailers for the events. He also discussed the ABATE stickers placed on half of the barriers, with the intention to display sponsors? logos on the other half. Net sponsorship dollars will be utilized for maintaining the Tiny Tots equipment.

Rodney stated that any region wanting Tiny Tots at their event, needs to attend the Motorcycle Expo next weekend to work Tiny Tots there. He reviewed the Tiny Tots schedule for this year.

ITEM 14: Jay & Tina reviewed the Directors & Officers liability insurance policy quote we received from ISU Underwood Agency. Discussion followed. Putt inquired about a blanket bond policy for treasurers.

Mike Meyer distributed & explained the analysis of the 2011/2012 Tour Program participation, as well as the winners for 2012.

ITEM 15: Jay reviewed 2012 motorcycle fatalities, & stated that impaired riding is the focus of federal funding for law enforcement. We expect to see high visibility enforcement programs to address impaired riding.

Jay informed the group that we have purchased tyvek armbands with an imprinted ABATE logo for the regions to use for their events if they wish.

Jay informed the board that the annex in Bargersville is in need of a new HVAC unit; we received a quote for approximately $5,000. We are seeking contributions for our ABATE ?museum?, for items to display in the front office of the annex.

We will invite KeyBank to give a presentation regarding not-for-profits at our next board meeting.

Motion 1: Dave Hawkins motioned to approve the September/October financials, Troy seconded. All other regions in favor, motion carried.

Motion 2: Mo made a motion for ABATE of Indiana to continue pursuing Operation Bluegrass, & to submit the RFP to Kentucky. All regions in favor, motion carried.

Motion 3: Fred motioned to adjourn, Darla seconded. All in favor.

The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be Saturday, April 20th in Bargersville.

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