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Board Meeting Minutes

ABATE of Indiana Board of Directors Meeting

August 14, 2022

Freedom Hall, Fort Wayne IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 12:12pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Jerry & Sherri Gordon; Region 01-Russ Zawacki & Holy Bridgman; Region 02-Terry Young & Chuck Ward; Region 03-Scott Bowman; Region 04-Chuc Hunter & Lori Bussell; Region 05 is inactive; Region 06-Jim & Maggie Farmer; Region 07-Dave Howell, Jennifer Wainscott & Donju Taylor; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Suzanne Eckert; Region 11-Pat Haggard; Region 13-Aaron Meyer, Christian Harper, & Heidi Hill; LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; MRF-Roberta Meyer; Administrative Assistant-Kelly Jackson.  Regions 08 & 12 were excused absences.


ITEM 1:  Jay offered copies of our current Officer Acceptance and Officer Resignation forms (OAF, ORF) for upcoming elections.  He announced that the Workers' Party will be held at LCRP on October 8th, and requested region invitation lists no later than September 12th.  Jay then reviewed the May-June financials.



ITEM 2:  Jay introduced Elizabeth 'Izzy' Hanes as building manager of Freedom Hall as well as the Fort Wayne rider ed site coordinator and administrator.  He updated the group regarding the recent results of the Indiana Gaming audit.


ITEM 3:  Jay advised that while working traffic on Sunday of Boogie, he heard many compliments about the event.  Discussion followed.  Jay requested the directors email their suggestions for next year's event so he can compile them.  Jay discussed the theme for Boogie 2023.  Jay reviewed the value of volunteer hours that will be included in region award calculations for the year.


ITEM 4:  Jay reviewed Dirt Bike School (DBS) enrollment.  Rayce announced that the Southern Indiana Grand Prix series is interested in becoming a DBS provider.     


ITEM 5:  Jay reviewed Rider Ed student and test applicant numbers.  We have applied with the BMV for approval on our Merrillville Rider Skills Test (RST) range.   Our Tiny Tots program has been busy in our northern regions.  We currently have Tiny Tots at the State Fair.  Jay shared his recent experience with renewing his driver's license at a BMV branch.  Jay continues to follow up on leads for a rider ed site in Indianapolis.  


ITEM 6:  Jay announced the Meeting of the Minds (MotM) is in Iowa in a few weeks.  He reviewed our travel policy for officer reimbursement. Jay requested those interested in attending to email the office.  Jay, Kirk 'Hardtail' Willard, and Gary Sellers will be inducted into the MRF's Hall of Fame. The MRF was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame during Sturgis bike week this year.


Roberta announced a call to action from the MRF regarding consumer protection related to labeling of gasoline.


ITEM 7:  Jay reviewed the recent passing of a member of congress.  He shared his experience with the Indiana General Assembly's special session recently.  Aaron Meyer stated he is proud to be involved in an organization (ABATE) that lobbies in the manner we do.


ITEM 8:  Director Prep should take place the first or second week in January.  We have a committee for planning the event.


ITEM 9:  Jay began discussion of special projects, the first being the opportunity for ABATE to have a presence at the Indiana State Fair.  The possible motorcycle rodeo with local law enforcement was also discussed.    


ITEM 10:  Jay referenced the AdComm report from their recent meeting.  


ITEM 11:  Jay reviewed our response to a Better Business Bureau claim.  Pat Haggard asked about the Memorial Committee’s progress.  Jay and Suzanne Eckert replied they have some recommendations and will present those when their list is complete.


ITEM 12:  Jay stated that American Income Life (AIL) has produced a video to explain their products and clarify our relationship. 


Jay may have a conflict with his attendance at the October 8 board meeting and Workers' Party.


Meeting adjourned, 2:31pm.


Respectively submitted,




Tina McCormack





MOTION 1:  Suzanne Eckert motioned to approve March/April financials; Aaron Meyer seconded.  All regions present voted in favor, motion carried.


MOTION 2:  Jerry Gordon made the motion to adjourn the meeting, with a second by Suzanne Eckert.  All regions present voted yes, motion carried.

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