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Board Meeting Minutes

ABATE of Indiana Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2023

Rodeway Inn, Indianapolis, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 7:52pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Those in attendance were: Region 01-Russ Zawacki & Sam Bardo; Region 02-Don & Leann Tunis; Region 03-Scott Bowman, Brett & Lynn Anderson; Region 04-currently without a director; Region 05-inactive; Region 06-Jim & Maggie Farmer; Region 07-Donju Taylor & Jeff Britton; Region 08-Ethan Herrera; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Suzanne Eckert; Region 11-Pat Haggard; Region 12-Brian Russell; Region 13-Christian & Heidi Harper, & Aaron Meyer; AdComm-Bob Stoner, Rick Thompson & Justin Kennedy (Gino Johnson was present for Item 1); LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; DIRT-Roy Garrett; MRF-Roberta Meyer; Marketing Committee-Mike Seiler; Rider Ed Consultant-Donnie Becker; Administrative Assistant Kelly Jackson; Secretary/Treasurer-Tina McCormack.


ITEM 1: Tina requested approval for the September/October financials.



Tina congratulated the regions for nearing 100% reporting statewide, and encouraged them to accomplish 100% this year. She then reviewed finances for November/December. Tina reminded the directors to forward W-9s for vendors paid more than $600 throughout the year, and asked them to communicate that to their treasurers.


ITEM 2: Jay began discussion of Directors’ Prep (DP) in January. Bob Stoner distributed ABATE’s Goals Platform that was derived from dialogues during Directors’ Prep. He reviewed each goal. Bob noted the ease of contacting legislators now. Jay reiterated that our organization depends on membership growth. He highlighted the need for us to be hospitable to outsiders.


ITEM 3: Jay repeated that, despite the same number of gaming nights in 2022 as 2021, our bingo revenue exceeded that of 2021. We may be closer to resolving our concern with the fire suppression system at Freedom Hall. We need an industrial, serviceable air compressor. Elizabeth Hanes, building manager at Freedom Hall, will research promotions to implement, attempting to increase our number of bingo players.


ITEM 4: Roy Garrett announced that LCRP has an adventure ride in April. Jay added that “adventure” is the fastest growing segment in the two-wheel industry. Each Dirt Bike School (DBS) student receives an ABATE membership.


ITEM 5: Jay informed the group that Representative Mike Speedy spoke to the directors at DP. He is a motorcycle rider. HB1050 is a bill that we are watching closely. It includes immunity for providers of rider education. Another piece of legislation we are interested in is HB1408, which creates the Advisory Committee for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Discussion followed regarding electric bicycles.


Roberta Meyer discussed the MRF’s legislative progress this past December. The U.S. House of Representatives sent a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), seeking answers regarding crashes between self-driving vehicles and motorcycles. NHTSA has been tasked by a Congressional Committee to explain what they are doing to incentivize states to utilize motorcycle profiling. HRes366, the motorcycle profiling resolution was passed. She announced dates for Bikers Inside the Beltway (BitB) to be May 15 & 16 this year. Roberta has found an ABATE member who is interested in becoming an MRF State Assistant.


ITEM 6: Jay informed the group that we will conduct an Instructor Prep late March through early April. Jay reviewed changes that the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) made to the Rider Skills Test that we currently administer. We are still in need of a rider ed site in Indianapolis. We would like to increase our number of classes.


ITEM 7: Jay requested the directors forward any changes to this year’s Boogie map, if any. Sam Bardo discussed the entertainment lineup for Boogie 2023. Suzanne Eckert talked about the need for increased traffic control during Boogie; Jim Farmer asked about the plans for the VIP area at the main stage; Sam Bardo expressed concern with no buffer between the stage and the crowd; Donju Taylor offered the shuttle’s “party wagon” as a perk for VIPs; Christian Harper asked about selling the Boogie banner each year.


ITEM 8: Jay focused on Awards Banquet subjects. Tina requested any corrections and additions to award plaques by mid-March.


ITEM 9: Bob Stoner apprised the board of topics discussed in the earlier AdComm meeting. The AdComm reviewed the status of repairs at Freedom Hall and Bargersville. They had two ABC applications to evaluate.



Brian Russell updated the group regarding an ABC recipient from last year; they have most of their intended repairs completed and will forward pictures for the Hoosier Motorcyclist.


ITEM 10: Aaron Meyer asked for feedback regarding Director Prep. Suzanne Eckert reported that the Recognition Committee has not received comments from directors for recognition policies. The memorial brick policy has been modified to 20+ year members, whose membership is active at the time of death. Mike Seiler recognized that this is the 1st year since 2009 that our membership numbers are greater than the previous year. He encouraged officers to contact inactive members in their area. Mike then asked about the idea to give volunteers an “I earned this patch” award. Consensus was to see a patch design, cost estimate and criteria. Mike shared some of his recent experiences at other state motorcyclist rights meetings. Roberta Meyer shared some ideas to increase ABATE awareness and membership, including contacting new members to invite them to ride to a meeting. Aaron Meyer disclosed that he, Bob Stoner and Mike Seiler have drafted a letter to be used for outreach to other organizations regarding “biker approved gas”.


ITEM 11: There was no old business.


ITEM 12: With no other new business from directors, Jay communicated that our current magazine printer is no longer in business. We will move to our previous vendor and the entire publication will be color beginning with the April issue. Jay then discussed Cyndii Underwood’s upcoming departure. Cyndii created some video tutorials for the regions to use. Russ Zawacki shared information from a business that has offered their services; other directors were also familiar with the business. Event t-shirt orders were discussed, including the reduction of orders and pre-orders. Scott Bowman added that he personally delivers t-shirts to those that pre-ordered. Jay suggested utilizing our current apparel vendor. Cyndii may be available for freelance work. Bob Stoner reminded the group to include “An ABATE Foundation event” on every flyer.


Meeting adjourned 10:23pm, to Executive Session to discuss the BMV contract.



Respectfully submitted,




Tina McCormack



The next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Saturday April 8, 2023 at the Bargersville Annex.





Motion 1: Russ Zawacki motioned to approve the September/October financials, seconded by Pat Haggard. All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2: Pat Haggard made the motion to approve Montezuma Fish and Game’s ABC application, with a second by Suzanne Eckert. All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 3: Pat Haggard motioned to adjourn, Brian Russell seconded. All regions voted in favor; motion carried.

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