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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2018

Lawrence County Recreational Park, Springville, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 2:13pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Bob & Sarah Heaton, & Mike & Kathy Curtis; Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt; Region 03-Scott Bowman, Justin Kennedy & Mark Hughes; Region 04-Jan Johns arrived later; Region 05-Tony Brummett, Randy & Janet Penix, & Reba Darnell; Region 06-Mark Thomas & Wayne Sullivan; Region 07- Ken Harris, Ernie & Janet Davidson, & Chris Carf; Region 08-Mike Jeffers; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Thom ‘Hippy’ Henderson & Ben Henderson; Region 11-Zach & Jodi Bird; Region 12-Dave Hawkins, Brian & Vikkie Russell arrived later; Region 13-Mike Meyer, Reno & Verna Richardson arrived later; LINC-Mike Meyer; MRF-Roberta Meyer; AdComm- Bob Stoner & Rick Thompson; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack.


ITEM 1:  Tina asked for a motion to approve May/June financials.



She then reviewed the directors’ packet, which includes a profit & loss statement for Boogie.  We’ll review Boogie financials more in November.  She asked that secretaries & treasurers notify her of any discrepancies in reports logged as received.


ITEM 2:  Jay reminded the group that the fire suppression system at Freedom Hall is still in need of repair; last week the air compressor was replaced.  


The interim study committee on public policy convened yesterday to discuss charitable gaming, specifically in regards to remuneration of volunteer workers.  


ITEM 3:  Roy Garrett had previous commitments & could not attend today’s meeting.  Jay announced that our inaugural DBS class at Wabash Cannonball is scheduled for 10/21, now that we have received a registration.  Scott Bowman requested banners &/or promotional materials for 2019.


ITEM 4:  Rick Thompson informed the board that LCRP hosted the national K-9 police training in September with multiple municipalities, & more than 100 teams participating.  The organization plans to return to LCRP in September of 2019.


ITEM 5:  Mike Meyer updated everyone on Indiana Representative Tim Brown’s recovery from a motorcycle crash in September.  He also spoke on some interest in legislative action regarding grass clippings on roadways.  We plan to again promote a joint resolution from the Indiana General Assembly to encourage the National Forest Service to allow motorized recreation in The Hoosier National Forest.


Jay further explained the interest from outside parties regarding grass clippings on roadways.  Ernie Davidson suggested adding the words grass clippings to already existing ordinances & statutes regarding debris on roadways.  Wayne Sullivan added that he has been successful in having spilled stone removed from roads via ABATE Legal Services’ Road Hazard program.  Bob Stoner expressed his desire to educate the public in the dangers of grass clippings on roadways, rather than push for legislation.


Jay followed up on Representative Tim Brown’s situation.  Next year is a budget year for the Indiana General Assembly.  Rep Brown is the Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee, & Rep Mike Speedy, who was riding with Rep Brown when the crash took place, is Vice-Chair of the Indiana House Roads & Transportation Committee.  


Mo Kintner introduced discussion regarding off-road vehicles operating on county roadways.


ITEM 6:  Jay updated the group on the MRF’s Meeting of the Minds (MotM) in September, & asked for attendees to give their thoughts about the conference.  Jeremy Gunderson is the motorcycle representative from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  He provided some good information on behalf of NHTSA.  


Scott Bowman found networking with other SMRO members helpful.  Justin Kennedy agreed with Scott & believes NHTSA’s awareness campaign may be more effective than previous directives.  He also likes the new MRF literature.  Mo Kintner stated that partisan talk will ostracize members.  Other board members believe this happens within the membership & not from the organization.  Mike Meyer felt that the NHTSA presentation was refreshing.  He also agrees that we need an education campaign regarding E15 fuel.


The National Motorcycle Safety Alliance had their 2nd live meeting at the State Motorcycle Safety Administrators’ (SMSA) conference prior to MotM.  Jay reminded the group that the MRF is working on a collaborative project with NHTSA that will address returning riders.  


Roberta Meyer informed the board that the MRF is resurrecting their roadside assistance program.  MRF Lobbyist Megan Ekstrom Was recruited by a Fortune 50 company & will start with them in November.  MRF membership fees will increase effective May, 2019.  The MRF announced 15 legacy inductees into their Freedom Fighters Hall of Fame, housed in our Bargersville office, & the 1st inductee since establishing their Hall of Fame, Vince Consiglio of Michigan.  President Trump directed the EPA to allow more E15 fuel year round.  The MRF encourages everyone to ask their federal representatives to support House Resolution 5855, the Consumer Protection & Fuel Transparency Act, to help educate riders about fuel.


Wayne found the MRF’s Fact or Fiction interesting.  He also liked the history of the MRF & ABATE presentation as well as their planning & strategy meeting.  Autonomous vehicles will also be a major issue to monitor.


ITEM 7:  Jay stated that we in Indiana are working on motorcycle endorsement reciprocity with the state of Michigan. We currently experience reciprocity with Ohio & Kentucky. 


We anticipate a busy winter preparing for next year’s rider ed season.  We’re looking at the possibility of an online course for the classroom portion of the curriculum.  Our student numbers are down this year compared to previous.   


Jay reviewed the current status of the BMV contract for RST.  


The BMV might begin putting customers on notice to obtain their endorsement if they haven’t, as they renew plates on motorcycles.


ITEM 8:  Jay repeated the change of venue for our Fall Seminar next month.


Tina offered blank officer acceptance forms (OAFs) & requested all OAFs be submitted to the state office by the end of October.  If this is not possible, please have attendees bring their completed OAF with them to registration.  This will enable the registration process to be more efficient & quicker.  She requested volunteers to assist with registration & products that day.  The hotel room list must be finalized Monday.  


ITEM 9:  Director Prep is tentatively scheduled for January 11-13, 2019.  Jay offered to include any requested topics in the agenda.


ITEM 10:  Bob Stoner reported that only two members of AdComm were in attendance at the AdComm meeting today.  Those attending discussed rider ed & are awaiting season updates in the near future.  They discussed Boogie financials today.  During the upcoming Director Prep, they will lead discussion for the budget AdComm will produce.


We recently received two submissions for our ABC program, which have been forwarded to the BOD, but AdComm has not discussed the submissions.  We have three additional submissions that are still open.  Bob shared a thank you card from EquiVenture for their donation received from ABC. 


ITEM 11:  There were no committee reports.  The most recent active membership count is 11,662.


ITEM 12:  Scott Bowman asked for an update on the Governor’s Ride.  Jay hopes we will combine the Governor’s Ride with our May Motorcycle Safety & Awareness event, as we have in the past.


ITEM 13:  Tina reminded the board that their 2019 sanctioned events list is due today.  She also requested all W-9s for 1099 purposes please be submitted to her by the end of this year.


Meeting adjourned, 4:15pm.



Respectfully submitted,




Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting will be November 9th at Clarion Hotel Airport in Indianapolis. 






Motion 1:  Ken Harris motioned, & Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt seconded, to approve the May/June financials.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Ken Harris made the motion to adjourn, Thom ‘Hippy’ Henderson seconded.  All regions present in favor; motion carried.


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