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Board Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2016

Lawrence County Recreational Park, Springville, IN


Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting at 12:50pm by leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Those in attendance were:  Region 00-Teresa & Ray Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ & Jude Hewitt; Region 03-Scott Bowman; Region 04-Jan Johns; Region 05-Tony Brummett (arrived at 1:15); Region 06-Joey & Sheryl Macke; Region 07-Kenny Harris, Ernie & Janet Davidson, & Roger Lake; Region 08-Mike Jeffers & Ricky ‘Mohican’ Burch; Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel &  Thom ‘Hippy’ Henderson; Region 11- Ken ‘KFC’ & Sheila Casey (arrived at 1:00); Region 12-Dave Hawkins, Brian Russell, & Chris Blackburn; Region 13-Paul ‘PD3’ Douglas previously notified us of his absence; AdComm-Rod Taylor, Gino Johnson & Rick Thompson; DIRT-Roy Garrett; Event Security-Mike ‘Mongo’ Pottorff & Mike Clendenen; Perry Township Fire & Rescue-Max Peters; A&A Quick Pump-Scott; Road Kill Road Crew-Olin Reed & Leonard Shook; Boogie 1st Aid-Mike ‘Hadji’ Barnes & Angie Crawford; Boogie Vendor Coordinator-Mike Strode & Herb Archer; Boogie Electrician-Bruce Proctor & Russell Beers; Operations Director LCRP-Rayce Guthrie; Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack; Administrative Assistant Dana Surd; Guests-Stephanie Wall & Barbara Bantom.  


ITEM 1:  Tina asked if anyone had questions on January/February financials.  With no questions or discussion she requested a motion.



She then reviewed financials for March/April.  Numbers of gaming nights, students & active members have been added to the dashboard. 


Tina requested treasurer reports & bank statements from the regions that haven’t submitted those.  She reminded the directors that reports are expected from inactive counties, & asked that all regions review the monthly summary & event insurance summary for any missing documentation.  Jay recognized that directors’ articles to HMC have decreased.  It is important to get the articles in the newsletter each month.  Tina added that event info is also important for the state office to have.


Tina shared a reminder from Charity that any membership monies should be forwarded from the region or as a money order, & not from the recruiter’s personal bank account.  Lastly, Tina recapped that we are required to report any payments in excess of $600, such as property rent, to the IRS.


Teresa asked about reimbursement for rider ed; Tina replied that we have billed the State for March & April, & the State pays 35 days from the invoice date.  The income is recorded upon receipt.  Jay stated that we recently asked for an amendment to the contract to allow for an increase in the total award.


Jay informed the group that a senior high school class recently contacted him to donate $1,000 to ABATE.  This is a memorial contribution to honor one of their classmates that died in an ATV accident.


ITEM 2:  Roy recapped the Miracle Trail Ride (MTR).  The format was changed, & we have two sanctioning bodies this year.


ITEM 3:  Rayce updated the group on recent additions, repairs & maintenance at LCRP:  plumbing & electric for the office trailer, front gate shelter & parking area, road repairs, recovery from the GNCC Limestone 100, sponsor signage, memorial, etc.  The MTR promoters are using the main stage area for their vendors this weekend.


Jay advised the board of the GNCC attendance & financial impact for LCRP.  We were able to use some of their equipment on the property to prep for other projects.


The group made mention of the noticeable improvements & clean-up of the property.


ITEM 4:  Roy stated that we’ve conducted five DBS classes this year, & will not host any more until September.  We receive frequent requests for an advanced dirt bike class.


ITEM 5:  Jay advised that our bingo attendance and numbers are level.  According to the Indiana Gaming Insight, charitable gaming fell to a 20 year low in fiscal year 2015.  Also stated in the Insight, ABATE of Indiana’s Coliseum Bingo has had the highest grossing bingo operation in Indiana for six consecutive years.


Coliseum Bingo is also our Fort Wayne rider ed site now.  Jay taught a class there about three weeks ago.


ITEM 6:  With Mike Meyer attending an event today, Jay gave the LINC report.  He updated everyone on this year’s Bikers Inside the Beltway, which was again a success.  The legislative agenda is available on MRF’s website.  Congressman Ribble has agreed to sponsor anti-profiling legislation, which is part of the MRF’s legislative agenda.   


Jay is attending the Confederation of Clubs (COC) meeting in Portage tomorrow.  The COC is very interested in anti-profiling legislation at the State level.  Discussion ensued.  Consensus is to pursue the legislation at the Federal level, & evaluate the need in the State.  Jay will update the board after the COC meeting.


Off highway vehicle (OHV) matters are on our legislative agenda for the next session.  Mandatory training could be presented.  Senator Mike Crider, retired Conservation Officer, current motorcyclist, & friend of ABATE is being included in our discussions.


The Ride with the Governor, (RWG) is Friday, 7/29.  The starting location has been moved due to the renovation at Orr Plaza.  Lunch will be provided by Wal-Mart again this year, & we’ll probably end in Corydon.  Details will be provided at a later date.  The fact that we have a sitting Governor participate in the ride is positive exposure for motorcyclists.


ITEM 7:  Our MSD Committee met recently to plan for 2017.  Decisions should be forthcoming soon in an Executive Session.  ABATE continues to exceed all other providers in number of students trained.  We recently had eight candidates successfully complete the Rider Coach Preparation Workshop (RCPW), & have another RCPW scheduled for August.  Our instructor staff remains undersized for current demand.


Despite this, the MSF on Thursday sent an email to all instructors recruiting two of them to work a commercial event in Elkhart this weekend. 


Jay then gave an update on our acquisitions of training motorcycles for the past couple of years.


ITEM 8:  Jay reported that AdComm discussed the need to update our By-laws & possibly policies.  Tina will forward a proposed revision of the Election By-law & policy to the board.


AdComm reviewed financials & expenditures, & discussed marketing ideas.  Rod Taylor will formalize the proposal that will be presented to the board at a later date.


ITEM 9:  Jay gave an update on Mike Seiler’s condition.


Tina informed the group that Fritz Shoemaker, a long-time member & long serving bike show judge, passed away.  Tony offered that Region 05 will forward the memorial brick order.  The deadline is March 1 of each year, with the bricks being laid by May 1.  The bricks contain three lines, with 17 characters per line including spaces.


Joey reintroduced his motion from April’s BOD meeting.  Discussion followed regarding our lifetime membership/gold card award.  An exploratory committee was formed to address the criteria, the selection process & the award.  Members serving are:  Jan Johns, Rick Thompson, Ken Harris, Dave Hawkins, Jay Jackson & Mo Kintner.



Jay & Tina asked for questions about the regions’ memorial walls.  The state office has received calls from a couple of regions.  Tina distributed the guidelines to Jan Johns.  Region 02 has a vendor from which to purchase their gold aluminum, 1” x 4” engraved plates.  Region 05 also has a vendor for plates.


ITEM 10:  Rayce suggested the MTR be moved to the fall.  Jay answered that the MTR planning committee & Rayce as Operations Director can make that decision.  Rayce then asked if we can move our October BOD & Workers’ Party.  The group decided on October 8.


Discussion then turned to the newly erected front gate shelter, & the finish work to be completed.



Wayne asked about the new locks.  Rayce replied that most gates still have the blue & red locks on them for now.


ITEM 11:  Regular meeting adjourned at 2:22pm for a break prior to the Boogie meeting commencement at 2:40pm.


ITEM 12:  Jay questioned the needs of each crew.  Discussion regarding the stench in the waterless toilets was first.  Scott will check with Ron Craig & let us know if we can use something like lime in them.  We may be able to include some prize giveaways to ice purchases.  Scott Bowman will check with Rodney to see about using the Tiny Tots barriers for Boogie dirt drags.  Rayce will follow up on fans for the shower house pumps.  Ken Harris requested oil & filters for the tugs by 7/11.  Region 08 could use some people for parking crew.  Wooden stakes & caution tape will be checked out from the barn this year, & those responsible will return the stakes to the barn.  Jay stated that Lafayette Tent & Awning will arrive Saturday am, 7/9.  Road Crew needs phone & electric lines located in the main stage field, & would like to have access to a tractor during Boogie.  Mo asked for a portable barricade for Swannie Hill.  Sheila Casey & Mike Strode will coordinate the changes to the Products vendor space.  Bruce is working to repair & add electric lines & boxes.  Rayce added that we have some 30 amp breakers & light bulbs in the RV campground that need replaced. The light pole at the First Aid shelter is leaning, & the line to the Day Stage is low.


Mongo & Tina reiterated that all early workers’ memberships must be current & they must present their card to gain early entry.  


Mo requested that Directors’ packets be ready for distribution on Tues, & workers begin wearing their armbands then.  Discussion followed regarding the bike bands.


Jay presented to the board that we have almost enough workers’ shirts to cover this year’s need.  Some Directors stated that they also have supplies of previous year’s shirts.  This would result in a net savings of about $7,000.  Discussion followed.





Respectfully submitted,


Tina McCormack



The next scheduled Board of Directors meeting is August 21 at Freedom Hall. 









Motion 1:  Jan Johns motioned to approve January/February financials, Ken Harris seconded.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 2:  Joey Macke made a motion to award a lifetime membership to Larry ‘Big Un’ Dyer, Wayne Kopec seconded.  All regions present voted yes; motion carried.


Motion 3:  Dave Hawkins made the motion to approve the finish work at the front gate shelter for about $7,500, seconded by Don Hewitt.  All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


Motion 4:  Motion made by Ken Harris, seconded by Wayne Kopec, to utilize previous years’ Boogie workers T-shirts, while supplies last, & not order any for this year.  Regions 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, & 09 voted yes, Regions 06, 10, 11, & 12 voted  no; motion carried.


Motion 5:  Ken Harris motioned to adjourn, Don Hewitt seconded.  All regions present voted in favor; motion carried.


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