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Recognized SMROs

Recognized ABATE Organizations:

ABATE/Alabama Riders Association
ABATE of Alaska
ABATE of Arizona
ABATE of Arkansas (Western, Southern & NW)
ABATE of California
ABATE of Colorado
ABATE of Connecticut
ABATE of Delaware
ABATE of Florida
ABATE of Georgia
ABATE of Idaho
ABATE of Illinois
ABATE of Indiana
ABATE of Iowa
ABATE of Kansas
ABATE of Kentucky
ABATE of Louisiana
ABATE of Maryland
ABATE of Michigan
ABATE of Minnesota
ABATE of Mississippi
ABATE for Missouri
ABATE of Montana
ABATE of Nebraska
ABATE of Nevada
ABATE of New Jersey
Jersey ABATE
ABATE of New Mexico
ABATE of New York
ABATE of North Dakota
ABATE of Ohio
ABATE of Oklahoma
ABATE of Ontario
ABATE of Oregon
ABATE of Pennsylvania
ABATE of Rhode Island
ABATE of South Carolina
ABATE of South Dakota
ABATE of Texas
ABATE of Utah
ABATE of Virginia
ABATE of Washington
ABATE of West Virginia
ABATE of Wisconsin
ABATE of Wyoming



Recognized Non-ABATE Organizations:

AMA District 15 - Indiana Residents ONLY
Association Committee for Bikers - Hawaii
Association For Motorcyclists - Oregon
BIKEPAC of Minnesota
BRO - Canada
CMT/ABATE of Tennesee
Coast to Coast Bikers - NY
Concerned Bikers Association - N. Carolina
Concerned Motorcyclists Association - S.C.
Freedom of the Road Riders of Missouri
Freedom of the Road - Vermont
KMA\KBA of Kentucky
MILES - N. Carolina
MMA of Arizona
MMA of California
MMA of Massachusetts
MMA of Nevada
New Hampshire Motorcyclist Rights Organization
Rhode Island Motorcyclist Association
St. Croix Valley Riders
Street Bikers United -HAWAII
TMRA Texas Motorcyclist Rights Association
United Bikers of Maine


NOTE: HOG, AMA, and MRF membership is NOT accepted

About this list:


The Boogie was created as a way for ABATE of Indiana to thank our members and the members of other state motorcyclists rights organizations for their dedication in protecting the rights and freedoms of all motorcyclists. You must have a current member card or a receipt from one of the organizations listed below in order to enter at the member rate.


We only have records for ABATE of Indiana members. If you are not a member of any of these organizations, you will pay the non-member fee. ABATE of Indiana memberships are available at the gate or you can join today on our website

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