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Board Meeting Minutes

ABATE of Indiana Inc. Board of Directors Meeting
November 16, 2012 --- Clarion Waterfront, Indianapolis, IN

Executive Director Jay Jackson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:05pm. Those present were: Region 00-Teresa Bodle; Region 01-Wayne Kopec, Al ‘Putt’ Putman, & Roz Marshall; Region 02-Don ‘Bear’ Hewitt; Region 03-Rodney Walker (arrived at 7:43); Region 04-Lynn Brown (7:30) & Jan Johns (7:50); Region 05-Troy Striegel; Region 06-Bob Stoner, Fred Spencer & Ryan Clark; Region 07-Ken Harris Terry & John Mayberry; Region 08-Jeanie Moit & Greg Turner (8:20); Region 09-Mo Kintner; Region 10-Darla Abel & Thom ‘Hippy’ Henderson; Region 11-Kenny Casey, Chuck Powell & Mike ‘Joker’ Lowe; Region 12-Dave Hawkins; Region 13-Paul Douglas III & Aaron Meyer; AdComm-Dave ‘Frosty’ Frost & Gino Johnson; LINC-Mike Meyer; Membership Committee-Mike Seiler; State Office-Operations Director Gary Williams, Editor/Publisher Marc Falsetti (8:15), Secretary/Treasurer Tina McCormack, & Rider Ed Administrator Edie Seiler; Event Security-Mike ‘Mongo’ Pottorff & Mike Clendenen; ABATE of Indiana Founder-Wanda Hummel-Schultz & Kevin Schultz; Guest-Mark Koopman with Hoosier Burn Camp.

ITEM 1: Jay introduced the founder of ABATE of Indiana, Wanda Hummel-Schultz & her husband, Kevin. He thanked them both for attending & expressed our excitement for their presence.

Jay then introduced Mark Koopman, Executive Director of Hoosier Burn Camp (HBC). Mark expressed his gratitude for the support of ABATE of Indiana. He updated the group on HBC’s current events, which are possible only through the generosity of benefactors such as ABATE. Mark explained the difficult processes families endure after an adolescent burn incident. He then shared a letter from the mother of a burn victim, citing how the support of HBC positively affected her son.

ITEM 2: ABC State Charity Chairman Kenny Casey reminded the board that the motion to choose our 2013 ABC recipient was tabled during last month’s meeting.

ITEM 3: With no questions on July/August financials, Tina asked for approval.

Gino began by reviewing the current dashboard. He informed the group that 2011 tax returns have been filed, & explained the unrelated business income tax (UBIT) ABATE incurred.

Tina reviewed the status of the bequest ABATE received from a Huntington County member. She then reviewed the September/October financials.

Gino updated everyone on the Lawrence County property tax appeal. He also announced that in 2011, Coliseum Bingo was the largest grossing bingo operation in the state of Indiana. Jay added that we’re a model of efficiency & compliancy.

ITEM 4: Gary stated that attendance at bingo is beginning to increase. He credited our bingo crew for our current success in the industry. Tina remarked that just a few years ago we were only the ninth largest grossing bingo operation in Indiana.

ITEM 5: Gary reviewed the increased attendance at LCRP. We’ve been mowing with the newly acquired tractor & mower. Gary updated the board regarding the MAXC race at LCRP the prior weekend.

ITEM 6: Jay reiterated our need for assistance in acquiring sites for rider education ranges. We may have a new location for our Muncie site. He summarized the status on our range situation for the future, with a minimum of six sites that are questionable for next year. He reminded that we need a 160’ x 260’ paved, unobstructed surface for a single range. Troy offered assistance in finding a site in Muncie.

Our Motorcycle Safety Division’s Site Coordinator meeting will be held here on Sunday.

Kenny Casey inquired about registration fee refund requests related to specific sites.

Teresa informed Jay that a scooter dealership in Fort Wayne is interested in hosting a rider ed site for scooters. Jay replied that some laws affecting motorized bicycles could change next year, which would change the need for scooter courses but we will stay informed on the legislation. We will schedule a 3-wheeled training course, probably in May of 2013.

ITEM 7: Mike Meyer reminded everyone to stay vigilant. Next year is a long session, the republican party now has a super majority in the house & senate, & there are a lot of new legislators as well as a new governor. We did meet with Governor elect Mike Pence in October. Mike Meyer requested phone trees be ready for activation. Jay added that it’s possible Mike Pence will participate in a rider ed course, & he expressed interest in continuing our Governor’s Ride. The Indiana House seats will be up for election in 2014. The House Democrat caucus voted Scott Pelath into their leadership position. Jay announced that ABATE Day at the State House is scheduled for January 15, 2013. Organization Day is next Tuesday. Dr Tim Brown is now the chair of the Ways & Means Committee. He has been through our BRC.

ITEM 8: Kenny Casey updated the board on the recent acquisition of a tractor & mower for LCRP.

Ad Comm discussed the $20,000 bequeath (net of $16,000 after expenses) from a Huntington County member. Kenny asked Rodney to explain the intended use of the bequest. Rodney stated that we want to purchase another trailer & plastic barriers for Tiny Tots. Jay added that we will place some sort of memorial to Bobby McGinness & Huntington County on the trailer. Rodney also expects to be able to raise some sponsorship dollars with the trailer & barriers. Kenny added that Huntington County will receive credit for the donation to the state in the net amount of the bequest.

The Ad Comm also discussed us financing the travel expense for a member of the MRF board, Wayne Wierson from Idaho. It’s anticipated that we would be incurring travel expense for three events per year. Discussion followed.

ITEM 9: Jeff Hennie with the MRF is now a featured writer in American Iron. The MRF board is communicating monthly via teleconference.

Imre Szauter with American Motorcyclist Association will be speaking tomorrow during the Fall Seminar.

ITEM 10: Jay expressed excitement with Wanda Hummel as a guest speaker for the Fall Seminar. The seminar will be a general session format. The Guidebook has been revised & reformatted.

ITEM 11: Marc reviewed the status of the new database & website. The membership database will be updated automatically with transactions from the rider ed registration & membership segments of the website. The regions will have the ability to download & print their membership lists. The database will be housed at our state office, and the website will reside with and be maintained by our current webmaster. Our current goal is to have online rider ed registration & membership available by February 21st. After that we’ll begin to implement additional functionalities in phases. The directors will also have the ability to enter their event, officer & meeting information in the future. We may add demographic information to the membership application. Memberships will be numbered with the new database; every individual will have their own membership file, with couples being interlinked.

ITEM 12: Jay asked that the Boogie Committee be resurrected in February.

ITEM 13: The family friendly logo is being developed.

Bob asked for feedback & comments regarding the research paper a Region 06 member wrote. Discussion followed. Bob stated that he has received a second draft of the paper. Further discussion will be heard at the next BOD meeting, but Bob asked everyone to forward their comments to him in the interim.

Mike Seiler announced that membership numbers are steady at this time.

ITEM 14: Sanctioning of 2013 events was completed.

Motion 1: Mo motioned to accept Hoosier Burn Camp as our 2013 ABC State Charity, Kenny Casey seconded. Regions 03 & 04 had not yet arrived; all other regions in favor, motion carried.

Motion 2: Kenny Casey made a motion to accept the July/August financials, Mo seconded. Regions 03 & 04 had not yet arrived; all other regions in favor, motion carried.

Motion 3: Rodney motioned to utilize the net bequest to purchase a trailer & barriers for our Tiny Tots program in memory of Bobby McGinness, Kenny Casey seconded. All regions in favor, motion carried.

Motion 4: Kenny Casey made the motion that ABATE of Indiana incur the MRF travel expenses for Wayne Wierson pursuant to the policy in development, Troy seconded. All regions in favor, motion carried.

Motion 5: Kenny Harris motioned to adjourn, Mo seconded. All regions in favor, motion carried.

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