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Earlier this year, a bill was introduced in California requiring “every passenger vehicle, motortruck, and bus manufactured or sold in the state” to be equipped with speed limiter technology, starting with the 2027 model year. According to the bill (SB 961), the technology would “electronically limit the speed of the vehicle to prevent the driver from exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 miles per hour.”


Representatives from the MRF attended a roundtable discussion held by the Road to Zero Coalition on this initiative and were troubled by many aspects of this proposal. It is important to note that this is not about speed governors. This proposal is about a dynamic system using vehicle cameras, road signs, GPS, and virtual maps to determine speed limits on roads and actively restrict vehicles from operating above a certain threshold.


ABATE of California, the California Motorcycle Dealers Association, the California Trucking Association, the California Manufacturers and Technology Association, and the Specialty Equipment Market Association are among the organizations that have gone on record opposing the bill. The MRF remains committed to protecting our freedoms from government overreach. Allowing technology to override driver control of vehicle speed is a slippery slope. We thank the advocates in California for pushing back against this proposal. The MRF will remain vigilant in Washington, D.C., ready to oppose any similarly proposed federal plans.


As always, Ride Safe and Ride Free

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