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Spring is here, and that means MAY. Yup, that’s Motorcycle Awareness and You. May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month as proclaimed by Governor Eric Holcomb, and declared by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 


As motorcyclists, you all are aware that in most multiple-vehicle crashes involving a motorcycle, the collision was caused by the driver of the other vehicle. This is why we still work so hard on awareness campaigns.


As riders, you should also know that most single-vehicle motorcycle crashes occur in curves. This is most often due to the rider making a judgement error with regard to obtaining the proper entry speed. 


Although the numbers bounce around a bit, alcohol remains an issue in motorcycle crashes. Operating a motorcycle is more demanding, mentally and physically, than simply driving a car. We need all of our faculties to give us the best chance to avoid becoming a statistic.


MSAM Rally on the Circle, Thursday, May 6


ABATE of Indiana will once again (I think we are close to 20 years) host a kickoff event for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month on Monument Circle in Indianapolis. We plan for the event to take place on Thursday May 6, 2021 from 11:00am until 1:00pm. All motorcyclists are invited to this no-cost activity. We encourage you to check the ABATE website or follow us on Facebook @ABATEofIN for details and to confirm the event will take place.  


Between awareness, avoiding impairment, education and licensing, we could do away with the vast majority of motorcycle crashes. Won’t you do your part  to assist in accomplishing this?


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Jay Jackson 

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