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ABATE of Indiana 2022 Motorcycle Rider Course Season Updates:
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UPDATE, March 22, 2022:

North-central Indiana finds a new home for rider training


ABATE of Indiana and ITR Concession Company (ITRCC) - the operator of the Indiana Toll Road - are pleased to announce that we will be continuing a more than 40-year history of providing motorcycle safety training in north central Indiana.


ITRCC is to be commended for their dedication to traffic safety. Collaborations like this make Indiana roadways safer for everyone.


Studies indicate that 90% of riders involved in a crash were self-taught. Participating in a formal rider education program, such as the Basic Rider Skills course, provides the skills needed to better manage risks, thereby making motorcycling safer and more enjoyable. 


As a 501(c)(3), charitable, not-for-profit organization, ABATE of Indiana relies on the generosity and support of hosting facilities. ABATE is proud to partner with ITRCC to offer this invaluable, life-saving, community service. 


Further information can be found at ABATEonline.org/ridered or by calling 800-23-ABATE




Does Indianapolis have a location for classes?


We continue to search for a host location for our Indianapolis training site. If you have contact information for the manager or owner of a parking lot the size of a football field, please introduce us ASAP. As soon as we secure a facility, we will post a class schedule, so check the website frequently. 




Are there classes in Elkhart this year?


We are working with a property owner in the Elkhart area to confirm a location and expect to post a full schedule soon. 




When will the license skills testing schedule be posted?


We anticipate posting a schedule for Rider Skills Tests soon. 

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