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This headline could be read in several different ways. “SO”, what is going on? This is sort of a casual question, similar to “What’s up?”. Then there is, so “WHAT” is going on? Emphasizing what, and serving as a commentary on the uncertainty and awkwardness of the “COVID era”. Or it could be, So what “IS” going on? This could be a request for specific information about events and activities that are being conducted, rather than subjected to cancellation by COVID or restrictions.


Let’s address them each in order. First off, what’s up? We hope that you all are staying healthy and keeping your wits as we trudge through the challenges presented by enduring a global pandemic. 


Next, let’s try to get a handle on the “what”. Over the past 10-11 months, a lot of people have referred to a “crystal ball”. This is pointing out that there are so many unknowns about this virus, and few if any absolutes so that nobody truly understands it. We need that crystal ball to try to predict what may happen. 


Unfortunately, that’s not much better yet, Individuals, organizations, businesses, and government are still trying to figure what to do, and how best to pull it off. 


That brings us to our last question, what events are taking place? No one wants to cancel, postpone, or alter their functions. Unfortunately, the situation we are living through requires some adjustments. The ABATE of Indiana website remains the best source for accurate, up to date information concerning the status of events.


Regrettably, and beyond our control, we have been forced to cancel some events due to restrictions by the government, or the property owner. Some other events have rescheduled to a later date, in hopes that the circumstances will be more favorable at that time. A few events have changed from the conventional structure and are offering alternative experiences.


The Board of Directors continues to evaluate the process for each meeting on a case by case basis, using a mix of live and virtual formats. 


The annual ABATE of Indiana Awards Banquet will still be held on Saturday, February 13th, but as a virtual experience. We plan to make it an interesting, informative, exciting, and fun evening and hope that you’ll join us in recognizing the hardest working people in motorcycling.


Our friends at Renfro Productions are disappointed to have to cancel the Indiana Motorcycle and Powersports Expo for 2021. This annual tradition provides an opportunity for motorcyclists statewide to get together in the middle of winter and live “motorcycling” as we prepare for the upcoming riding season. We will miss seeing everyone in February and will look forward to the return of this fantastic event in 2022.


The Hoosier Motorcyclists’ Roundtable usually occurs in conjunction with the Expo. This year’s Roundtable will be conducted virtually.


Registration for rider courses traditionally opens at the Expo as well. We will begin enrollment online on Friday, February 19th.


This session of the Indiana General Assembly is different, and they are still working out some of the procedures related to access. I’ve been to the Statehouse a few times this session and it has essentially been a ghost town. The legislators are still there (and spread out into the government center) doing business, but it is nothing like the “normal”. If an issue merits a presence, we will find a way to ensure that we do what is necessary. This is a “long session”, so we will have more time to determine if it is possible, desirable, or necessary to congregate at the Statehouse live and in person.


Regarding ABATE Day at the Statehouse, we don’t want to get complacent or be invisible. We are planning to have our Legislative Information Network Committee (LINC) utilize the “communication tree” to launch a campaign to maintain the relationships we have with legislators. Watch the website and your e-mailbox for LINC activation for a virtual ABATE Day at the Statehouse. 


ABATE Kids’ Day at the Statehouse needs to be a hands-on experience. After much thought, we’ve made the difficult decision to not conduct this event in 2021. We are working on putting together some online resources for kids that will explain the legislative process and encourage civic involvement. 


This should get us through the first few months of the year and we will continue to evaluate events as we monitor the guidelines and restrictions. Remember that the current status and details regarding these and other events are available on this website.


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Jay Jackson

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