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National Emergency
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COVID-19 Update 04/20/2020
ABATE of Indiana

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has just extended the current executive order through May 1st. The most recent guidelines have relaxed a bit from the previous recommendations. We are all anxious to get back to “normal” just as soon as is reasonable and safely possible. We will continue to evaluate the guidelines and consider all options. 

The health and safety of everyone remains our primary goal as we continue to navigate through the challenges related to this global pandemic. From the start, we have been examining a number of potential innovations to what were previously considered standard practices. We continue to work on these alternatives and  assess how they may fit within the evolving guidelines.

We understand and appreciate the frustration and confusion associated with an ever-changing schedule. When we begin the transition toward our normal lives, some things will likely happen pretty quickly and without much notice. For this reason, ABATE of Indiana will now be adjusting and updating our calendar on a weekly basis.

As of this time, ABATE of Indiana will be suspending all activities (events, meetings, rider education classes, etc...) through April 26th. Please check the website at www.abateonline.org for the most current information and schedule.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation as we all get through this together.

Ride Safe,
Ride Free,

Jay Jackson

The following schedule for activities and events will be updated as the situation continues to evolve:
UPDATED 04/20/20 8:20PM
ABATE MOTORCYCLE RIDER COURSES - ABATE motorcycle rider courses and motorcycle license examinations will NOT be conducted through April 26, 2020. Persons enrolled in a cancelled class will be given the opportunity to reschedule, or may request a refund. We ask that those registered for a class do NOT request a refund unless their class date is actually cancelled. We are working on a plan that may allow us to continue with rider courses after March 31st since most of the class is outdoors, with ample separation while wearing protective equipment. Please be patient and give us a week or so to evaluate this to see if we can formulate an acceptable resolution. If we are unable to deliver a class, we will certainly assist with rescheduling into a different date and if unable to do so will issue a refund.
ABATE EVENTS - ABATE events statewide will be suspended through April 26, 2020
ABATE MEETINGS - ABATE meetings statewide will be suspended through April 26, 2020. We encourage Region Directors and County Reps to engage members utilizing electronic communication and telephones. This will be a good opportunity to exercise the “phone trees” normally reserved for urgent calls to action.
COLISEUM BINGO - Coliseum Bingo will suspend operations through April 26, 2020. 
LAWRENCE COUNTY RECREATIONAL PARK - Lawrence County Recreational Park will be closed through May 4, 2020.

UPDATE: April 6, 2020
ABATE of Indiana will continually monitor the recommendations and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update notices and schedules regarding events and activities every two weeks.
Governor Holcomb has extended the “stay at home” order until April 20, 2020. Based on this order, we will continue to suspend all functions until April 20th and will re-evaluate at that time.
March 17, 2020
ABATE Position Regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus)
The current pandemic has created many unprecedented situations. The cancelation of the NCAA tournament, restricting access to public buildings in our nation’s Capitol and the rescheduling of the Kentucky Derby, just to name a few.
As bikers, we’ve endured many challenges in our fight to preserve, protect and promote motorcycling for future generations. While not large in number, we’ve always been big in spirit. It is that dedication, commitment and passion that have delivered wins, in seemingly unwinnable situations.
Now, as Americans, we must meet the current challenges with that same dedication, commitment and passion. We need to use common sense and common courtesy as we work through the COVID-19 crisis. The motorcycling community will certainly be impacted, but this pales when compared to the hardships faced by our families, friends and neighbors. We must pull together and get through this as bikers, as Americans and as human beings.
Coronavirus is still not fully understood and information, strategies and procedures continue to evolve. The updates and recommendations seem to change almost hourly. It is difficult, if not impossible, to make any assurances, guarantees, or long term predictions.
The safety, health, and well-being of our members, students, personnel, communities and everyone will always be our primary concern. We will continue to monitor guidelines from the government as well as other consultants to ensure that we are implementing the best practices.
Motorcycling, and our affiliated lifestyle and supporting programs and activities, provide freedom, exhilaration and life. Bikers live for that freedom, but we also want to be good neighbors and responsible members of our communities. We are all anxious to get back to what we enjoy most and experience some “wind therapy” as soon as we can. We will work diligently to maintain our mission and attempt to reschedule as many activities as is feasible, rather than cancel.
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