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The Fall Seminar will take place on Saturday November 19, 2022 starting at 10:00am (registration begins at 9am) at the Rodeway Inn. This is the same location as last year and is at I-70 and Shadeland on the east side of Indy. 


The date for the seminar was incorrect in my article in the last Hoosier Motorcyclist. 

I could claim that I did it on purpose to see if anyone was paying attention, or blame it on the proofreaders. The fact is, I made a mistake. I’ve shared before that my dad always said, “The only people that don’t make mistakes, are people that don’t do anything.”


No one is perfect, and everybody does make mistakes. We’ve got some great people in ABATE of Indiana that do a fantastic job for the organization. Do they make mistakes? Hell yeah. And that’s alright, as long as we learn from our mistakes, correct the problem, and don’t do it again. 


The best way to limit the number of mistakes you make, is to be informed and know what you’re supposed to do, and how to do it. 


This is exactly the purpose of the Fall Seminar. We expect our officers to be there, but it is an opportunity for everyone to learn and gain information. All members are welcome. 


We’ll cover a lot of ground, and get a bunch of work done that weekend. We start with an AdComm Meeting on Friday night and then go into a meeting of the Board of Directors immediately following. On Saturday morning we provide knowledge, history, information, techniques and entertainment with the actual meat of the seminar itself. After the work is done, we kick off the now legendary Hospitality Contest at 7:00 Saturday night. Our motorcycle safety personnel have to be careful not to have too much fun, as they can’t afford to have a hangover on Sunday morning when we conduct the Site Coordinators Meeting.


Breakfast will be available (compliments of R-0, R-10 and others) on both Saturday and Sunday. Lunch on Saturday will be provided by ABATE Legal Services and the Hospitality Contest will satisfy your Saturday dinner plans. You can eat all day and it won’t cost you a thing. 


Additionally, ABATE Legal Services is partnering with Hotel Tango to offer a tasting. You’ll definitely want to have a room at the hotel so that you’re not driving after that. 

We’ll also have a fabulous silent auction and  some prizes that you must be present to win, so you won’t want to miss a minute. 


There’s a lot to be learned and shared, all while having a good time. You definitely need to go to the Fall Seminar. 


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Jay Jackson 

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