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You’ve got about six weeks left to get ready for the Boogie. If this is starting to sound like a “sales pitch”... it is. 


The Boogie is “The Midwest’s Best Biker Fest” and is arguably one of the best motorcycle rallies in the country. If you compare it to other events of similar size, you will learn that the Boogie is a phenomenal party and an exceptional value.


The activities, entertainment, events, food and drink, facilities and staff are all top notch. Not to mention the friendship and brotherhood that take place at what is often referred to as our “family reunion”.


On Sunday when folks are heading home, I make it a point to chat with people on the way out. I ask everybody if they had a good time and advise that we’ll look forward to seeing them again next year. Despite the weather, or any challenge that may present, I’ve never had anybody tell me that they didn’t have a good time. There is usually a quick statement of something that they particularly enjoyed. This is especially true of first time attendees who often add that they can’t wait until next year. 


Although we don’t talk a lot about it, there is no hiding the fact that attendance is not what it once was. If the event is to continue at this scale, more people need to come though the gate. 


So here is your mission. If you are part of the Boogie faithful, make sure that you share that with others. Bring a friend or two, or more, with you to join in the fun. If you’ve never been to the Boogie before, here’s your chance. The tribute to the 50th anniversary of Woodstock is going to be an incredible concert experience. The nostalgic and historical aspect alone make this show more than worth the price of admission. 


One of the new additions this year is a high energy, motorcycle thrill show. It should be fun as well as exciting and is something we’ve not had previously at the Boogie. 


We are putting on a great event, but we need your help getting the word out to truly make the event successful as a fundraiser. 


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Jay Jackson

Executive Director

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