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It’s July and you should expect the headline Boogie, Boogie, Boogie. We want everybody to come out and have a great time. And what a great time it will be! The Boogie is always tremendous fun, but 2019 is guaranteed to be one of the most entertaining and most memorable in history. 


The Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 promised “three days of peace, love and music”. 50 years later, the 39th annual Boogie promises that, and so much more. 

The music of that iconic concert will be recreated live on stage at Lawrence County Recreational Park by performers that were actually there and some of the world’s finest tribute acts. Founding members of Canned Heat and Big Brother and the Holding Company, Janis Joplin’s band, will make you feel as though you were there. Straight outta Seattle, the birthplace of James Marshall Hendrix, Randy Hansen is the best Jimi “experience” possible. You will swear that you’re actually seeing live performances by The Who, Sly and the Family Stone, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Santana, the Jefferson Airplane, and all your favorites. Hell, I may even do a Joe Cocker or Arlo Guthrie impression.


There will be countless psychedelic aspects at this year’s Boogie. Tie-dye makes for the coolest Boogie T-shirt that you have ever seen. Many of the contests and activities will include a 60’s flair. I’ve even heard a rumor that one of the vendors is going to offer biscuits and “Wavy Gravy” for breakfast.


New to this year’s Boogie is a motorcycle stunt show. This action packed, high energy performance could well be worth the price of admission in itself. 


There is more fun than we have room to print about here, so you will just have to come and experience it for yourself.


The Boogie truly is “the Midwest’s Best Biker Fest”, unfortunately, it is not the Midwest’s best fundraiser. I probably am preaching to the choir here, as I expect that most of the folks reading this already know what I’m about to share.


ABATE of Indiana is a 501(c)(3), charitable, not-for-profit organization with a mission to protect, promote and preserve motorcycling for future generations. We have numerous programs to serve and support motorcyclists and motorcycling. As we all know, it takes money to do anything. These programs are no exception. Traditionally, the Boogie has been the primary fundraiser to gain revenue to help support these worthwhile programs and projects. Regrettably, attendance and revenue have declined in recent years. Frankly, from a strictly business perspective, it is currently difficult to justify producing the Boogie.


So here is your challenge. We need you to support the Boogie, ABATE of Indiana and motorcycling in general. Don’t just attend the Boogie, bring a friend, or two, or three. When you attend, keep in mind that it is a fundraising activity to defend motorcycling, so give freely and generously. The proceeds go to work for motorcyclists, not some for profit bottom line. As far as rallies go, the Boogie is still the best value going.    


So here’s your chance to have a great time while supporting the future of motorcycling. 


See You at the Boogie,

Jay Jackson 

Executive Director

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