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I considered all sorts of witty lines or creative phrases, as I often use humor to communicate. But that’s really not appropriate here. There’s certainly nothing funny about the COVID-19 global pandemic. We’ve gone up and down, and all around, the last couple months. I’m not just speaking about ABATE, I mean ALL of society. I’ll attempt to bring everyone up to speed as far as where we are, now I am talking about ABATE.


Let me begin by stating what is probably “the obvious”. The coronavirus crisis has become very divisive. There are those that believe that not enough has been done and we should have had a full-blown “lockdown”, while others feel that this has been an over-reaction with too much over-reach. Many people have lost their jobs and their livelihood, and others have family or friends that have lost their lives. We’ve heard pleas from medical personnel working the front lines, and seen protests at state capitols by people wanting to go to work.


ABATE of Indiana is very familiar with the pre- carious balance between freedom and safety. We have been fighting for “rights” for more than 40 years. We certainly do not want anyone injured or taking ill, but we also believe that the freedom of choice is the predominant principal on which this country was founded. Remember the quote from Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” A precarious balance indeed.

Information regarding the operation of our Motorcycle Safety Division and the delivery of rider education courses is detailed in the article ad- dressing that elsewhere in this issue.


Many activities had been suspended for the last number of weeks. Following the plans for “re-opening” the state and local communities, meetings and events are starting to resume now. We are attempt- ing to keep the calendar and notices on the website as cur- rent and accurate as possible. Contacting your county rep or region director would also be a great source of information.


Per Governor Holcomb’s “Back on Track Indiana” plan for relaxing restrictions in the executive order, festivals with attendance greater than 250 will be allowed as of July 4th. The 40th annual Boogie is ex- pected to take place as scheduled, July 15-19, at Lawrence County Recreational Park. Boogie XL will provide an ex- cellent opportunity to take in some fresh air, visit with your extended family (from a six foot distance, of course), and have a great time commemorating 40 years of celebrating the fight for motorcyclists’ rights. We hope that you’ll join us so that we can continue to protect, promote and preserve motorcycling for future generations.


Hang in there,

Jay Jackson

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