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It’s July, which means that it’s time to Boogie. For the last 40 years, the third weekend in July has been a homecoming for bikers as they migrate to southern Indiana to enjoy four days of … well, let’s just say they they have a lot of fun.


If you’ve not yet experienced this annual right of passage, the 41st annual is your chance. We believe that everyone should go once to see what it’s all about. Based on what we hear from people as they’re leaving, once is not enough and you’ll be hard pressed to ever miss the Boogie again.


Come with your friends, or meet new friends. The Boogie attracts partiers from all over the world. With the nearly 400 acres of Lawrence County Recreational Park as our playground, we have plenty of room for everyone. We are redesigning the area in front of the stage to create a more intimate setting for our guests, the performers and our vendors. We think that you will really like it.


We have to watch a few things just to keep everybody safe, but the only real rule is that your good time should not infringe on someone else’s. It is a very relaxed environment and folks are pretty much free to do their thing (and there are a lot of different things). Our suggestion is, get crazy, but don’t get stupid.


We work hard to ensure that we keep your favorite Boogie traditions like the collectible Boogie beers, a photo op at the Boogie sign and, of course, the spectacle that is the Hoosier Honey Contest. We also try to bring new and exciting activities to the the event. For 2021 This includes the addition of Boogie Beach where you can participate in activities or just soak up some rays and watch the others. We are also proud to announce that Saturday night’s show will feature the World Famous Flaunt Show. Flaunt showcases the hottest women in a fantastic, high-energy stage show that mixes components of music, burlesque and cirque resulting in a performance that you will not want to miss.


Saturday also includes the nation’s best Jimmy Buffett tribute, Bluffett. Even true Parrotheads will be convinced they are in Margaritaville.  Be sure to get in the mood by decorating your camp, your golfcart, and yourself in your best “beach stuff” to help us christen the new Boogie Beach and join in the audience participation segments of Fins, Volcano and all of your Coral Reefer favorites.


Speaking of audience participation, if you’ve never partied with The Flying Toasters before, you are in for quite a treat. This band has amassed a huge following in the Midwest by being the premiere party band. They will have you up on your feet and dancing well into the night. They’re not Flying Toasters, they’re not The Toasters, they are THE Flying Toasters, and they are not to be missed.


We will also have some new events, activities and games this year that are guaranteed to keep you busy all weekend long (unless you’d rather just sit by the beach). 


Be sure to keep an eye on the website for updates and further additions to make your stay at Boogieland the best it can be.    


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

See you at the Boogie,

Jay Jackson 


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Creed Fisher will not be performing at Boogie 2021.

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