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They say that March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb. March is kind of an in between month for us at ABATE of Indiana. We’ve just finished some stuff like the Awards Banquet and the Indiana Motorcycle Expo and we are about to embark upon other activities like the start of rider education, Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month and Bikers Inside the Beltway, just to name a few.


The Indiana General Assembly is still in session and we will continue to monitor legislation that may affect motorcyclists. So we will spend many hours at the Statehouse during March and into April.


Of course, preparation for events like the Boogie and Motorcycles on Meridian is also underway and regions and counties are hard at work planning their events. 


March is certainly not a vacation, but it is an opportunity for us to sort of catch our breath before we get caught up in the whirlwind of activity headed our way in the near future.


This would be a great time to pick up Marc Falsetti’s challenge to sign up a new member. It’s really not that difficult as ABATE of Indiana membership is an exceptional value at only $25 a year. We truly need the support right now, and if everyone recruited just one new member, we would double our membership. 


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Jay Jackson

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