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CALL TO ACTION - Motorcycle Profiling
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Congressional Summer recess is upon us!


Now through September 5th, the U.S. Senate and House have adjourned and completed their commitments to the political conventions. They are at work in their home states and districts — making now the perfect time to schedule a meeting with your elected official! Establishing and maintaining relationships with your elected officials and their staff in your home state is an important and effective way to further our mission, especially as we need their support on a pending measure!


In July, Reps. Reid Ribble (Wisc.) and Tim Walberg introduced House Resolution 831. This measure is the first step in addressing concerns over motorcycle profiling across America by defining the issue and encouraging education and collaboration between law enforcement and the motorcyclist community. Now is the time to ask your elected officials to consider adding their name as a co-sponsor to H.Res.831!


To help you in your meetings, you can find approved talking points by clicking on the link below. It contains all the pertinent information you will need when speaking with your elected official or their staff. 


Motorcycle Profiling-Talking Points


If you need ANY assistance getting in touch with your elected official, please contact me directly and I can provide phone numbers, email addresses and any other information you might need to conduct your outreach.


Thank you for your support and keep me informed as to your progress!


Megan Ekstrom

Vice President, Government Relations & Public Affairs

Motorcycle Riders Foundation

1325 G Street N.W. Suite 500

Washington, DC 20005

Email: megan@mrf.org

Phone: (202) 725-5471


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