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National Emergency
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As of the time of this writing, we have been con- ducting rider courses, have started skills tests, held some events, resumed some meetings and are hooping to continue in a positive direction.


There is currently plenty of uncertainty. Things started out pretty tense with fairly tight restrictions. They gradually eased some of those and returned closer and closer to “normal”. Then the progress flattened and easing of restrictions slowed as well. There are predictions that we’ll see an uptick in COVID cases in the fall and a restructuring of restrictions to go along with that.


Whatever happens, we will continue to evaluate what is in the best interest of Indiana motorcyclists. We don’t want to do anything that violates orders, guidelines or common sense and certainly do not want to have anyone become ill.


We remain hard at work on rider education issues, promoting motorcycling and legislative activity. Working closely with the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, we have communicated with the Indiana Congressional delegation and achieved some major successes in Washington, D.C. recently.


Even if, when, and as, things slow down, the fight for bikers rights never ends.


Ride Safe, Ride Free,

Jay Jackson


P.S. ABATE of Indiana is hosting the Motorcycle Riders Foundation’s Meeting of the Minds Conference in Indianapolis September 24-27. It is a great opportunity to learn about how other states deal with issues of importance to motorcyclists. We could use some help putting on this event. If you shave the ability and desire to volunteer, please contact the ABATE Office and let us know.

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