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Here it is July and we still do not have a new home for our Indianapolis training site, after searching for the best part of a year. We appreciate the suggestions that people have offered, but have yet to get anyone to agree to hosting.


We were able to begin the season at the previous location, but had to vacate at the end of May. Subsequently, we have actually had to cancel several classes due to the lack of a facility. Unfortunately, this will continue unless we are able to secure a new site. This also affects our ability to conduct license examinations.


We need a paved area about 160’x260’ and schedule courses most weekends from early April into October. Given an opportunity to speak with those responsible for decision-making, we can usually address and satisfy any concerns that they may have. 


What we really need is friend on the inside, or an introduction. If you are a property owner, or know someone that is in management at a suitable facility, please contact us immediately so that we may discuss and evaluate possibilities. 


We want to be able to continue to train those that are interested in learning to ride more safely and not have to cancel any more classes. Please help us if you can.


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Jay Jackson

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