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Usually, if you see a headline like that in this publication, it’s related to an issue confronting motorcyclists. I certainly expect that everyone is aware of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic related to coronavirus.


In an effort to be as current as possible, I’m slipping this article in after deadline and just as we are going to print. I suspect that as soon as I commit this to writing, the situation will change as the issue is quite dynamic and seems to be changing hourly.

At this point in time, ABATE of Indiana has issued guidelines regarding events and classes to our officers and instructors. Universal precautions (cleaning, sanitizing and hand-washing) are to be implemented. We continue to follow recommendations from the local, state and federal governments, as well as other consultants.


At this moment, Indiana has not even closed schools yet, while our neighboring states have not only closed schools, but bars and restaurants as well.


Currently, it is our hope and intent to continue “business as usual” to the best of our ability.


Of course, the safety, health and well-being of everyone is our primary concern. If it becomes necessary or prudent, we will respond appropriately, and there may be some events, activities or classes that could be postponed, rescheduled or cancelled. Rest assured, that should this become necessary, we will make appropriate adjustments (refunds).


We are optimistic that we will be able to conduct training with minimal or no interruption.


May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month and we plan to have the annual kickoff event on Monument Circle on Wednesday May 6th.


If and as things change due to the coronavirus, we will contact those whose schedule will be directly affected and do our very best to accommodate them. The website will probably be the most timely means of learning this information.


Wash your hands,

Jay Jackson

Executive Director

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