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January starts a new year and a new session of the Indiana General Assembly (actually, it’s the second part, or “short session”, of the two-year session that began last year). Lawmakers will gather at the statehouse in Indianapolis to address issues that will affect all Hoosiers. We also expect some legislation that will be of specific interest to motorcyclists. 


We will continually monitor the bills that are introduced and advise riders so that we may respond appropriately. Since this is the “short session”, things happen pretty quickly. Be prepared to leap to action when the call goes out.


We are looking forward to getting bikers back in the building for ABATE Day at the Statehouse. This is our grassroots lobby day and presents an opportunity for us to educate legislators on subjects of importance to motorcyclists. The event takes place on Wednesday, January 12th. Please contact the office to let us know if you plan to participate and we will provide the details. We will be watching the advisories from the Indiana State Department of Health and any restrictions that are in place at the Statehouse.   


January is also a time when we focus on membership. Make a resolution to sign up one new member. If every ABATE member did this, we would double our membership (I didn’t even have to take my shoes off to do that math). Our numbers have stayed mostly stable for the last year, but we are down considerably from where we were a few years back. 


Membership is the lifeblood of our organization. Numbers show strength. If we are going to be heard, our voice must be loud. Protecting and preserving motorcycling are the chief goals of riders and we need the support of many to accomplish that.


If you are ambitious (or cheap, I mean frugal, like me), you can get your membership paid if you sign up 10 members. It’s really not that tough once you get started. Keep in mind, all we are really asking for is ONE. It only takes one!


Ride Safe,

Ride Free,

Sign up a new member,

Jay Jackson   

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