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National Emergency
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We haven’t used the word unprecedented for a while, so let’s throw in unpredicted. A year ago, no one could have predicted how COVID-19 would affect our daily lives. We would not have imagined how differently we would have to perform seemingly normal activities. 


\Our rider education program experienced a delay of a few weeks in April as we evaluated the best plan to safely deliver our rider courses. We resumed license examinations in July. It wasn’t the way that we originally expected to conduct them (pre-COVID), but it actually turned out pretty well. 


We appreciate the patience and understanding of our rider course students in helping us get through this unique and challenging year. We could not have done this without the support of our staff, site coordinators and administrators, instructors, examiners and LITEs.


I specifically want to thank Donnie Becker, Tyler Armour, Jeff Lockridge, Scott Zoll, Kelly Jackson, Marc Falsetti, Motorcycle Ohio and the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Although the future, and next spring, remains uncertain, if we are still following COVID protocols, at least it won’t be unprecedented.


Thanks everybody,


Jay Jackson 

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