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Indiana Legislative Update 031623
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HB1050 was heard in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Transportation today. This bill addresses some energy and infrastructure issues, credentials and, of most concern to riders, motorcycle safety education courses.

Amendment 11 was offered and accepted in response to concerns that ABATE made the sponsors aware of. The intent was to offer some protection to property owners who host a rider education site, as well the instructors and others that deliver the training. The original language didn’t actually cover either. 

With the amendment in place, we testified in support of the bill. ABATE was mentioned several times in the presentation by Representative Pressel, the bill’s House sponsor.

The bill later got caught up in some discussion related to credentials, identification and elections. There were some questions asked of the BMV that they are going to need to find answers for. None of those were related to motorcycle safety. 

The BMV Executive Director of Public Affairs and Legislation, Cody Eckert, has been great to work with. It’s refreshing to see how much can be accomplished by actually communicating and working together. 

Since some of the amendments needed clarification (not amendment 11), the bill has been held. I’m expecting the it will return to the committee (probably next week) for an “amend and vote only”.

I’m confident that Senator Crider will get HB1050 through committee and through the Senate. We will continue to work with him and provide support as appropriate. 

We will follow the status and keep you advised. 



P.S. I also found Senator Andy Zay and gave him a Hoosier Motorcyclist with his photo from ABATE Day at the Statehouse on the Cover. He was quite excited.

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