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2023 Indiana Legislative Update
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We are just over half-way through this session of the Indiana General Assembly now, which means that bills need to have passed out of their house or origin. Technically, if they have not, they should be considered dead. However, sometimes language finds its way into other bills that have passed. We don’t want to get overly confident just yet, and we will remain vigilant until the session is gaveled sine die.

We have done a lot of work on HB1050, and it should be alright by the time it gets to the Senate Floor for second reading. SB233 would create a 16 member committee to discuss and advise on Vision Zero. There is nothing directly detrimental to us in there, but motorcycles and VZ do not really fit. Mike Speedy is the House Sponsor, and we will be keeping an eye on it. SB 241 simply has BMV issue a report on how many electric vehicles are registered in Indiana.  

Although we may not have single-handedly killed the other bills that we had concerns with, we certainly played a role (a major role in some) in making sure they didn’t get very far.

House Bills
1022- Use of seatbelt as mitigating factor - DEAD
1050- Immunity for rider education providers - Senate sponsor is Mike Crider who is a good friend. Language should be amended to include property owners and remove specific references to those that train instructors. This should protect everyone involved in the delivery of a rider course. Senate committee hearing is scheduled for Tuesday. 
1053- Profiling - DEAD
1111- Child restraints/Seatbelts - DEAD
1246- Photo enforcement - DEAD
1264- Proof of insurance reported to BMV - DEAD
1408- INDOT Advisory Committee - DEAD

Senate Bills
141- Autonomous vehicles - DEAD
163- Seatbelt mitigation - DEAD
211- Vulnerable Road Users - WITHDRAWN
233- Vision Zero Task Force - very much alive with many co-sponsors
241-  Electric vehicle reports from BMV - moving
408- Vulnerable Road Users - DEAD


Jay Jackson

ABATE of indiana

Executive Director

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