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Jay Jackson

March 4, 2014


The senate voted on third reading today to pass HB1080 (dead red) 
47-1 and HB1343 (motor driven cycles) 26-22. The bills are now headed to Governor Pence's desk.



February 27, 2014


As we near the last two weeks of this session of the Indiana General Assembly, two motorcycle bills are still alive. HB1080 (traffic actuated signal) and HB1343 (motor driven cycle) both passed second reading on the floor of the senate today without amendments. They are now eligible for third reading.  



February 25, 2014


HB1343 (motor driven cycles) passed out of the Senate Homeland Security, Transportation and Veterans Affairs Committee this morning 8-1.


HB 1080 (traffic actuated signals) passed the same committee 9-0.


Both are now headed to the full senate.  



February 20, 2014


We are heading into the home stretch of the Indiana General Assembly as the session is to end in about three weeks.


Both motorcycle bills are still alive and are scheduled to be heard in the Senate Homeland Security, Transportation and Veterans Affairs Committee on Tuesday February 25th.


HB1080 addresses traffic actuated signals that fail to recognize a motorcycle (or bicycle) and HB1343 would require registration for motor driven cycles (mopeds).


We will continue to update as the process continues.


February 3, 2014


HB1343 (Wolkins /Riecken - motor driven cycle, see below for details) has passed the House 81/14 and is on its way to the Senate.


 JANUARY 31, 2014


HB1080 (Karickhoff -dead red) has passed third reading in the House and is en route to the Senate.


HB1343 (Wolkins /Riecken - motor driven cycle) is scheduled for third reading in the House on Monday.


JANUARY 29, 2014


We are just about to the midpoint of this short session of the Indiana General Assembly and two motorcycle related bills are moving through the process.

HB1343 authored by Representative David Wolkins passed out of the House Roads and Transportation Committee on Tuesday (January 28) with a vote of 9-0. Representatives Milo Smith, Gail Riecken and former Representative Suzanne Crouch (now Auditor of the State of Indiana) offered much support to this legislation that will provide for the registration of motor driven cycles (previously motorized bicycles and more commonly referred to as mopeds). 

Today, State Representative, and rider, Mike Karickhoff's bill to allow motorcyclists to proceed (with certain stipulations) through a traffic actuated signal that does not recognize the vehicle, passed second reading on the floor without amendments.

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