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Purchase Wanda's book "I Volunteered for What?"

The long awaited book by ABATE of Indiana founder Wanda Hummel-Schultz is now available to purchase. Many of you may not know Wanda’s ­story and how she started what has become the nation’s largest state ­motorcyclists’ rights organization – ABATE of Indiana. Imagine what it was like for a ­woman, in the 1970s, to ride a motorcycle, let alone try to convince hardedged bikers to follow her in fighting for an individual’s right to choose. Wanda is quite frank and forward about the pushback she received. She is ­brutally honest about the struggles to ­defeat the Indiana helmet law, form a cohesive organization, and maintain a marriage all at the same time. This is a powerful story that begs to be told, and she tells it like it is. A must read for everyone in ABATE or the motorcyclists' rights community.  BUY IT NOW Only $8.85 (plus shipping)


Purchase the book

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